GS-54 Guard
Production information
Manufacturer Ceres Metal Industries[1][2]
Use SecurityMech
Riot control
Class Ultralight
Introduced Succession Wars era[3]
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 15 tons
Chassis Ceresplex Industrial[2]
Armor Starshield Industrial[2]
Engine Ceres 75 ICE[2]
Communications System CeresCom Model 37-P[2]
Targeting Tracking System C-Apple Churchill[2]
Speed 86 km/h

2 machine guns

The quadrupedal GS-54 Guard is among the most well-known SecurityMech designs, named alongside the likes of the Copper, Pacifier and Inquisitor.[1] It is not spelled out if the Guard is built to BattleMech specifications or as an IndustrialMech, although context and it being listed among "commercial-grade" SecurityMechs suggests the latter. Exact stats for the Guard have not been published so far.

The Guard should not be confused with the (apocryphal) Guardian which is also a machine gun-toting 15-ton SecurityMech (albeit one expressly built as a BattleMech).


The Guard is chiefly used on heavily populated worlds in the Capellan Confederation.[1] In 3028 the design was also found among the Draconis Combine's Civilian Guidance Corps PoliceMech forces on An Ting,[4] suggesting the Confederation had exported the design to the Combine at least.

Described as an "awkward quadruped monstrosity of questionable Capellan workmanship"[4] but also as "fairly nimble"[5] and "surprisingly swift on its four legs",[6] a Guard was shown to be capable of preventing a Griffin from closing with it in the confines of a city using lateral movement.[6]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Guard is armed with twin machine guns.[1] These are often armed with rubber bullets. If the pilot needs to leave, an Ejection Seat carries them to safety.[7]


  • GS-107X 
    This variant of the Guard was created in 3067 after a group of battle armor equipped infantry outfought the standard Guard[7][8]. Leftover Leenex reactors for UrbanMechs were fitted in place of the Fuel Cell Engine. The Machine Guns were replaced with ER Medium Lasers. The smaller engine reduced the top speed to 64 km/h. The lighter weight from the fusion engine allowed designers to double the armor protection.[7] BV (2.0) = 367[9]


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