Zephyros Infantry Support Vehicle
Production information
Manufacturer Swedenborg Heavy Industries[1]
Production Year 3084[2]
Mission Infantry Fire Support
Type Wheeled
Technical specifications
Tech Base Clan[1]
Mass 25[1]
Armor "Magnum” Ferro-Fibrous Composite[1]
Engine Fusion 180[1]
Speed 129[1] km/h
Crew ???
Communications System Build 1685 Tacticom w/ECM[1]
Targeting Tracking System Series VI Integrated TTS[1]
Heat Sinks 10[1]

2x ER Medium Lasers[1]
2x Light Machine Guns[1]

BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 840[1][2]


The Zephyros Infantry Support Vehicle (abbreviated Zephyros ISV), was a Clan Hell's Horses Combat Vehicle produced on Kirchbach in the early 3080s after the Word of Blake Jihad had ended. The vehicle was conceived as a means to be able to shore up the Clan's conventional forces after being cut off from the Clan Home Worlds.[1]

Powered by a 180-rated Fusion Engine, the Zephyros is a speedy vehicle. Five and a half tons of “Magnum” Ferro-Fibrous Composite has been used to protect the vehicle from enemy fire. In addition, the vehicle employs a Guardian ECM Suite to help deal with more electronically sophisticated opponents.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Zephyros's main weaponry is a pair of Series 2b Extended Range Medium Lasers that is mounted in the vehicle's turret. Also found in the turret is a pair of Light Machine Guns that gives the vehicle the means to fend off infantry elements. It carries one ton of ammunition for these weapons.[1]


  • Dual-Turret 
    An experimental tech variant developed in 3086 changes the weapons layout of the vehicle. The vehicle's light machine guns are moved into a Pintle-mounted turret found at the rear of the vehicle. The forward turret's weapons are downgraded to standard Medium Lasers. A half ton of ammunition is removed to make room for the additional turret mechanism[1]. BV (2.0) = 844[3][4]


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