Vandenberg Mechanized Industries

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Vandenberg Mechanized Industries
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: New Vandenberg
Leadership: CEO
Products: Aerospace fighters
Small craft
Division(s) Illiushin

The largest Taurian weapon manufacturer outside the Hyades Cluster, Vandenberg Mechanized Industries is a vital link in the economy and military makeup of the Concordat.


The company's formation was the result of the merge of seven smaller military manufacturers. The company had been operating in secret during the Star League occupation of the Concordat since after the Reunification War. The Vandenberg employees taken great pride in their company's patriotic history. [1][2]

Immediately prior to the Jihad, VMI had signed a sublicense with the Capellan Confederation to produce the venerable Shadow Hawk BattleMech. [2]

VMI shut down its facilities on New Vandenberg after receiving reports of plans to attack the world with a strong mercenary force. Though the production lines were shut down for about two months, the company's production levels were soon back to normal. This slowdown also allowed the board of directors to investigate the possibility of purchasing some or all of Pinard Protectorates Limited.[3]

In late 3076, the first Retrotech Toro built walked off the Illiushin assembly line. This was followed shortly thereafter by a primitive Xanthos.[4] The Illiushin plant wasn't affected by the Jihad, but in 3079 they were operating at 5% below their maximum capacity. The New Vandenberg plant was operating at 85% of its maximum output and the Pinard plant was operating at 90% of its maximum, but neither had lost any staff in 3079.[5]

The shutdown affected plans to begin production of the Cadaver. Though the TDF wanted the 'Mech in the late 3070s, it didn't begin production until 3094. After that, sales of the Cadaver brought much needed capital to the Concordat and VMI, and allowed the company to rebuild some of its production capability.[6]


As of 3025 the company CEO was Mary Fisher Celn.[1]

As of 3067, company's CEO was Elena Cein Broza.[2] She remained CEO through 3076.[3]


Vandenberg Mechanized Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


The Illiushin plant was originally constructed as a covert construction facility, but had to eventually encroach on the agricultural lands to maximize production.[7]

Components produced on Illiushin:[8]
Component Type
STG-3R Stinger[7] Light BattleMech
STG-5R Stinger[7] Light BattleMech (as of 3067)
COM-2D Commando[8][7] Light BattleMech
Toro (Retrotech/Primitive) Light BattleMech[4] (as of the Jihad.[7]
GRF-1N Griffin[8][7] Medium BattleMech
GRF-3M Griffin[7] Medium BattleMech
SHD-7M Shadow Hawk[7] Medium BattleMech
ARC-6W Archer[citation needed] Heavy BattleMech
Xanthos (Retrotech/Primitive) Assault BattleMech[4] (As of Jihad)[7]
Small Craft
ST-46 Shuttle[citation needed] Small Craft
TIG-15 Tigress Gunship Small Craft[9] (As of First Succession War)
Union[8][7] Dropship
Earthwerks STG Stinger[citation needed]
Earthwerks SHD II Endo Steel Shadow Hawk[citation needed]
Earhwerks Archer Archer[citation needed]
Vandenberg Metal Works Commando[8]
Earthwerks GRF Griffin[8]
Jump Jets
Rawlings 55 Griffin[8] & Shadow Hawk/Shipped to Taurus for Marshal
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Communications System
Datacom 26 [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
Dynatec 990 [citation needed]
Medium Laser
Omicron 3000 [citation needed]
Machine Gun
LFN Lindblad [citation needed]
Shannon Fore Commando[8]
Shannon Six-Shooter Commando [8]/Shipped to Pinard and Taurus for Warhammer & Perdition for Light SRM Carrier[8]

New Vandenberg[edit]

In addition to the combat units listed here, the plant also produces a variety of extralight and standard fusion engines, lasers, jump jet systems, and armor for other plants.[10]

Components produced on New Vandenberg:[11][12][13]
Component Type
CVR-A1 Cadaver[11] Light BattleMech
STG-3R Stinger[12][10] Light BattleMech
STG-5R Stinger[13][10] Light BattleMech
STG-5T Stinger[10] Light BattleMech
ARC-2R Archer[12][10] Heavy BattleMech
ARC-6W Archer[10] Heavy BattleMech
MAD-3R Marauder[12] Heavy BattleMech
OSR-4C Ostroc[10] Heavy BattleMech
Hunter[12][10] Tracked Vehicles
Aerospace Fighter
CHP-W5 Chippewa[12][10] heavy aerospace fighter
CHP-W7T Chippewa[10] heavy aerospace fighter (as of 3067)
Small Craft
TIG-15 Tigress Gunship Small craft[14] (As of First Succession War)[10]
Corean Model 101AA Endo Steel Cadaver[11]
Earthwerks STG Stinger[12][13]
Earthwerks Archer Archer[12]
GM Marauder Marauder[12]
Ost-II Ostroc (As of 3067)
Bowie 50 Chippewa[12]
Fusion Engine
GM 120 [citation needed]
GM 150 [citation needed]
VOX 120 Stinger[12][13]
VOX 150 Shipped to Illiushin for Commando[12]
VOX 275 Shipped to Illiushin for Griffin[12]
VOX 280 Marauder[12]
VOX 300 [citation needed]
Extralight Fusion Engine
VOX 120 XL Stinger[citation needed]
VOX 240 XL Cadaver[11]
VOX 270 XL [citation needed]
Core Tek 275 XL [citation needed]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Light ferro-fibrous Stinger 5R[13]
Wyatt Coresteel Standard Chippewa[citation needed]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Durallex ferro-fibrous w/CASE II Cadaver[11]
Jump Jets
Chilton 360 [citation needed]
Rawlings 52 Stinger[13]
Communications System
Garret T10 B Stinger 5R[13]
Lynx-Shur w/Guardian ECM Suite Cadaver[11]
Targeting-Tracking System
O/P 911 Stinger 5R[13] & Cadaver[11]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Stinger 5R[13] & Cadaver[11]
Large Pulse Laser
Thunderbolt-12 [citation needed]
Shannon Ten-Pin Cadaver[11]
Flameshot Cadaver[11]


Components produced on Pinard:[15][16]
Component Type
TDR-5S Thunderbolt[15][17] Heavy BattleMech
TDR-7M Thunderbolt[17] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-6R Warhammer[15][17] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-7M Warhammer[17] Heavy BattleMech
Vedette[15][17] Tracked Vehicles - Medium Tank
Heavy Hover APC[17] Hovercraft
Lamprey Transport Helicopter[16] VTOLs
Earthwerks TDR Thunderbolt[15]
StarCorp 100 Warhammer[15]
Fusion Engine
Vlar 130 Lamprey[16]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Light ferro-fibrous Shipped to Sterope for Maultier & MacLeod's Land for Clint (As of 3067)
Leviathon Plus Warhammer[15]/Shipped to New Vandenberg and Taurus for Marauder[15]
Ryerson 150 Thunderbolt[15] /Shipped to New Vandenberg for Archer[15]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Ryerson 250 X-Blend ferro-fibrous [citation needed]
Machine Gun
Voelkers 200 [citation needed]


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