Production information
Manufacturer Tseng Facility[1]
Production Year 3078[2]
Model Prime
Class Heavy OmniFighter
Tech Base Clan[1]
Cost N/A[2]
Technical specifications
Mass 75 tons[1]
Structural Integrity 7[1]
Frame Ursa Major Type VI[1]
Power Plant GM 375 XL[1]
Fuel 400[1]

Primary Configuration 1x ER PPC[1]
2x LRM 15s w/Artemis IV FCS[1]
8x ER Medium Laser[1]

Communications System Vox 91[1]
Tracking & Targeting System Hunter 62B[1]
Heat Sinks 10 Double heat sinks[1]
BV (2.0) 3,720[1][2]


The Ostrogoth is a late Jihad era Heavy OmniFighter that was created by Clan Ghost Bear. The fighter was produced at the Clan's Tseng Facilities on Alshain in the late 3070s and was intended as a replacement design for fighters lost during the war. Due to high pilot losses, the Ghost Bears had the design incorporate better protection while giving better handling. The fighter was designed principally in the role of an interceptor.[1]

Combat units first received the Ostrogoth in late 3078 where it was sent to units slated to participate in the campaign against the Word of Blake Protectorate. The Ostrogoth was deployed in Medium Fighter Stars where it was teamed with older and slower designs such as the Jengiz. The Ostrogoth, seeded among them, used its higher maneuverability to surprise and overwhelm Blakist fighters attempting use their own speed to overwhelm the slower units. After the war, the fighter's cost compared to the role it maintained was questioned by outside media sources. Despite those doubts, Clan Ghost Bear maintained production into the 3080s.[1]

The Ostrogoth is powered by a 375 rated Extra Light Fusion Engine noted for high maintenance costs. The design blends speed and agility typically associated with a Medium OmniFighter with the armor protection of a Heavier fighter.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Ostrogoth has been designed to have an OmniPod capacity of 35 tons. Its Primary Configuration is designed to accommodate all ranges brackets. Its long-range weapons includes a pair of wing mounted Artemis guided LRM 15 launchers, with nose mounted Extended Range PPC. At closer ranges, its eight Extended Range Medium Lasers can be brought to bear with the eighth laser covering the aft quarters. To help with the weapons' heat load, 5 additional Double Heat Sinks are added. The fighter carries 4 tons of ammunition for its launchers. The configuration also sports a Targeting Computer and a Guardian ECM.[1]

Alternate Configurations[edit]

Alt Config A 
  • The Ostrogoth A features pair of Extended Range PPCs as its only long range weapons. For its short range weapons bracket, it has pair of Streak SRM 6 launchers with ton of ammo for each wing. It has a single Extended Range Medium Laser mounted to protect its aft. The A configuration equipment also includes; Active Probe, ECM Suite, Targeting Computer and 9 additional Double Heat Sinks. BV (2.0)=3,265[1][3]
Alt Config B 
  • This configuration's main weapon a nose mounted Class 30 Hyper Assault Gauss Rifle which has 3 tons of ammunition. The fighter secondary weapons include 3 ER Medium Lasers and pair of Streak SRM 6 launchers with 3 additional Double Heat Sinks. It retains the prime's equipment configuration of the ECM and Targeting Computer. BV (2.0)=3,171[1][4]
Alt Config C 
  • The C is heavy missile carrier, which uses pair of Artemis guided LRM 15 launchers each of its two wings. These launchers are supplied with 8 tons of ammunition. The fighter's limited back-up weapons are a single Extended Range Medium Laser and aft facing Extended Range Small Laser. The fighter has 2 additional Double Heat Sinks and ECM Suite round out equipment installed for the configuration. BV (2.0)=2,899[1][5]
Alt Config D 
  • The D configuration introduced in 3100[6] carries an ER PPC, Gauss Rifle, and LRM-20 in the nose. The missile system has an Artemis V fire control system to improve it's targeting. A Targeting Computer enhances the PPC and Gauss rifle's accuracy. To disrupt enemy communications and targeting systems, the Ostrogoth-D carries a Watchdog CEWS. BV (2.0) = 3,168[7][6]