General Mechanics

General Mechanics
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Mars
Leadership: CEO
Products: BattleMechs


By 2470, Lucas Technologies merged with General Mechanics, forming one of the largest military contractors in the Terran Hegemony.[1] In 2767, General Mechanics was taken over by General Motors, though several planets still refer to their local branches by the original branch name. [2]


General Mechanics has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Mars:[3][4]
Component Type
WSP-1 Wasp[4] Light BattleMech (Primitive)
WSP-1A Wasp[5] Light BattleMech
WSP-3L Wasp[citation needed] Light BattleMech
KTO-20 Kintaro[3] Medium BattleMech
1A Type 5 Wasp[5]
1A Type 5 Endo Steel Wasp[citation needed]
Technicron-2 Endo Steel Kintaro[3]
Fusion Engine
Hermes 120 Wasp[citation needed]
Core Tek 275 Kintaro[3]
Jump Jets
Rawlings 52 Wasp[citation needed]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Leopard V ferro-fibrous Kintaro[3]
Communications System
Duotech 65 Wasp[citation needed]
OmniComm 3 Kintaro[3]
Targeting-Tracking System
RadCom TXX Wasp[citation needed]
Starbeam 3000 Kintaro[3]
Medium Laser
Magna Mk. II for Export[citation needed]
Large Laser
Magna Mk. III Shipped to Terra for Emperor[citation needed]
ER Medium Laser
Magna Mk. VI Kintaro[3] & Wasp[citation needed]
Hovertec Hex Kintaro[3]
Death Blossom Wasp/Shipped to Terra for Ahab[citation needed]
Narc Missile Beacon
Series II Pragma Kintaro/Shipped to Terra for Phoenix Hawk[citation needed]


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