Production information
Manufacturer Harmony MetalWorks[1]
Production Year 3097[2]
Model VT-U1[1]
Class Medium
Introduced ????
Technical specifications
'Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 45 tons
Chassis Harmony VT Endo Steel[1]
Armor Durallex Heavy with CASE[1]
Engine Pitban 225[1]
Communications System Harmony Warshout[1]
Targeting Tracking System Garret D5j[1]
Heat Sinks 10 Double Heat Sinks[1]
Speed 86[1] km/h

BV (2.0) 923[1]


An ambush predator that originated in the Solaris VII arenas, Harmony MetalWorks' Violator originally rose to prominence through both the arena fights and the actions of a band of aces from the Regulan Fiefs during the late thirty-first century. The Violator's reputation continued to improve in the thirty-second century from continued arena performances and combat actions featuring the mech in service with the Regulan Hussars.[1]

The flashy reputation the Violator earned in the arenas belied the ease with which the Violator can be maintained and repaired, but despite the nine tons of Durallex Heavy standard armor and an Armored Cockpit the Violator wasn't suited for line combat.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The primary armament of the Violator was distinctly unconventional - a Claw in the left arm and a Mining Drill in the right arm. As secondary armament the Violator carried a pair of Shannon SH-88 MRM 10 Launchers, one mounted in each of the left and right torsos; while the Violator only carried a ton of ammunition for each launcher, the ammunition was protected by CASE and each launcher was paired to an Apollo FCS for greater accuracy.[1]


  • VT-U3 
    The VT-U3 replaced the MRM 10s with a pair of SRM 6s as well as a single LRM 5 mounted in the center torso. The LRM-5 was supplied with a ton of ammunition, but both SRM 6s drew from a single ton of ammunition. BV (2.0) = 973.[4][5]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Violator is subject to the following Design Quirks:

Notable pilots[edit]


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