Winston (Combat Vehicle)

This article is about the fire support tank. For other uses, see Winston.
Winston Combat Vehicle TRO3085.jpg
Winston Combat Vehicle
Production information
Manufacturer Pandora 'Mech Works[1]
Production Year 3086[2]
Mission Multipurpose Combat Vehicle
Type Tracked
Technical specifications
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1]
Mass 70 tons[1]
Armor AmberStar Weave Heavy Ferro w/CASE[1]
Engine Pitban Light 210 Fusion[1]
Speed 54 km/h
Communications System COMTEC 400E[1]
Targeting Tracking System GroundTracker EE-4[1]
Heat Sinks 10 single
BV (2.0) 1,551[1][2]


The Winston Combat Vehicle was a Republic of the Sphere frontline combat vehicle that began production in 3085. The vehicle was designed by Pandora 'Mech Works of Terra, part of that company's effort to produce a new line of products. The company wanted to produce a vehicle that was not associated with the Word of Blake, such as its ancient Puma Tank. Originally named the Stone Main Battle Tank, the vehicle's production was nearly aborted due to Devlin Stone not wanting a vehicle named after him.[1]

The vehicle was intended to be able to handle a variety of combat situations, and for this reason it was equipped with 14.5 tons of Heavy Ferro-Fibrous armor to provide sufficient protection for many different circumstances.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Winston is a fire support type tank which generally uses its long range weaponry to hit its opponent. The vehicle's long-range weapons include a pair of Holly turret-mounted 15-tubed Long Range Missile Launchers and pair of Donal Technologies Light PPCs. The Light PPCs are guided by a Targeting Computer mounted in the hull of the tank. In close combat, the vehicle must rely on its front-mounted Holly 6-tubed Streak Short Range Missile Launcher. The LRMs have been allotted 3 tons of ammunition to allow for sustained fire, while the SRM has only a ton. The vehicle also features an Buzzsaw Anti-Missile System to protect from inbound missile fire. The ammunition bay is equipped with CASE protection to prevent the vehicle from being completely destroyed from an ammunition explosion.[1]


  • LAC 
    Produced as an alternative design to, perhaps, act as a companion to the original version of the Winston developed in 3086[3]. The LAC variant exchanges the Light PPCs for a pair of Light Autocannons, while the LRMs are swapped for a pair of seven-tubed Multi-Missile Launchers[1]. BV (2.0) = 1,314[4][3]
  • Support 
    Introduced in 3107[5] this Winston variant carries the Targeting Computer and Light PPCs of the original. The two LRM-15s are replaced by Clan-built LRM-20s. A pair of SRM-4 launchers covers the front arc, and TAG is mounted in the turret to call in artillery strikes. Also present is an Angel ECM Suite to disrupt enemy electronics systems. BV (2.0) = 1,830[6][5]
  • TSEMP 
    Another Dark Age variant developed in 3114, this model is powered by an XXL fusion engine. It is armed with two AMS, two Clan-built LRM-15s, and twin TSEMP Cannons. The Targeting Computer remains as well. BV (2.0) = 2,565[7][8]
  • XXL 
    Late Dark Age variant, introduced in 3133, this variant is powered by an XXL fusion engine and is armed with a pair of Large Re-Engineered Lasers and a pair of Clan-spec LRM-15s sharing three tons of ammo. Front-mounted AMS adds to the tank's defenses. NOTE: This variant is two tons underweight due to re-engineered laser errata that reduced their heat generation. BV (2.0) = 1,621[9]


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