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Manufacturing Plant SFF-NG1

Manufacturing Plant SFF-NG1
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Ingersoll
Primary Products Combat Vehicles

Manufacturing Plant SFF-NG1 is a manufacturing plant owned and operated by Clan Sea Fox.[1]


Manufacturing Plant SFF-NG1 has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Ingersoll:[1]
Component Type
Combat Vehicles
Kite Reconnaissance Vehicle[1] Hovercraft
Fuel cell
Fuel Cell 140 Kite[1]
Armor - FF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Forging AM 15 Ferro-Fibrous Kite[1]
Communications System
Neil 9000 w/Angel ECM Suite Kite[1]
Targeting-Tracking System
RCA Econotrac w/Light TAG & Active Probe Kite[1]
Anti-Personnel Gauss Rifle
Tau-II Kite[1]
Pattern Alpha Kite[1]


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