Production information
Manufacturer Shengli Arms[1]
Production Year 3059[2][1]
Model JN-G8A
Class Heavy
Cost 14,427,325 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 65 tons
Chassis Chariot Type II Endo Steel
Armor Valiant DefCo
Engine VOX 325 XL
Communications System Dian-bao Comms, Heavily Insulated
Targeting Tracking System Dynatec Special T&T
Heat Sinks 13 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 86.4 km/h
Jump Jets Hellespont Leaper
BV (1.0) 1,915[3][4]
BV (2.0) 2,072[1][5]


Built at the Victoria plant which was recently refurbished with help from the Word of Blake, the Jinggau is built on a lightweight Chariot Type II Endo Steel chassis and is powered by a VOX 325 XL engine that gives it a top speed of 86.4 km/h. To increase its mobility, the Jinggau has five Hellespont Leaper jump jets that allow it to jump up to one hundred and fifty meters. For protection, the Jinggau carries eleven and a half tons of armor that protects the 'Mech from enemy fire. To dissipate the waste heat produced by the Jinggau's weapons and jump jets, the 'Mech has thirteen double heat sinks that are more than adequate. Overall, with its high ground speed, superior mobility, armor, and firepower the Jinggau is a 'Mech more than capable of handling most enemies on today's battlefield.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The primary weapon on the Jinggau is a powerful Zhi-tong-yao Gauss Rifle that gives the 'Mech a maximum striking distance of up to six hundred and sixty meters which allows the Jinggau the opportunity to draw the first blood on the battlefield. For close combat, the Jinggau has a set of four Diverse Optics Type ER Medium Lasers and a single, highly accurate, Raker-IV Medium Pulse Laser.[1]


  • JN-G7L 
    This variant was introduced just after the start of the Jihad, applying the latest Capellan technology to the 'Mech. A pair of Plasma Rifles are mounted in the right arm, while in the left arm, the 'mech has been given six standard Medium Lasers. To help cope with the heat, the 'Mech's Double Heat Sink count has been raised to fifteen. BV (2.0) = 2,137[6]

Custom Variants[edit]

Notable Pilots[edit]

  • Ion Rush - Piloted a experimental Jinggau prototype during the last campaign to repulse Blakist invaders from Sian in 3074.[9]



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