Sniper Artillery Piece

Production information
Type Artillery
Tech Base Clan / Inner Sphere (IS)[1]
Year Availability Pre-Spaceflight[2]
Technical specifications
Heat 10
Damage 20/10[3]
Minimum Range -
Short Range -
Medium Range -
Long Range 18 Maps[4]
Tons 20
Critical Slots 20
Ammo Per Ton 10
Cost (unloaded) 300,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) 6,000
BV (1.0) ?
BV (2.0) Clan = 96[5]
11 (Ammo)[5]

IS = 85[6]
11 (Ammo)[6]


The Sniper Rifle Artillery Piece is the smaller cousin to the Long Tom Artillery Piece designed by Armstrong Industries. As the second most-powerful tube artillery in the Inner Sphere, the Sniper can cripple or destroy most light and medium BattleMechs with a single hit.[7] The weapon has an effective range of 9 kilometers.[8] While usable as field artillery, the Sniper is also mounted on several vehicles: the Marksman, Padilla Tube Artillery Tank, Sniper Artillery Tank, and Teppō. It was also mounted on the BattleMech Helepolis, though the 'Mech proved ineffective as an artillery mount.


The Sniper Artillery Piece is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company
Sniper Rifle Bainsville Armstrong Industries
DAT/96 Sniper Artillery Cannon[9] Hegemony Arms
Type S3 Sniper Artillery Piece[10] Unknown Luthien Armor Works

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