Manufactured by Luthien Armor Works' Shigunga Missile Division, Shigunga is a common brand of BattleMech-scale Missile launchers in the Draconis Combine.


Located on the Combine capital of Luthien, LAW's Shigunga Missile Division manufactured Long Range Missile Launchers for the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery throughout the Succession War era,[1] for use on humble designs like the LRM Carrier[2][3][4] to the DCMS's primary medium aerospace fighter the Shilone.[5]

Aside from reintroducing the Arrow IV launcher for the Draconis Combine, Shigunga Missiles Division received increasing prominence during the Clan Invasion era with its development of the Medium Range Missile (MRM) launcher system in 3058. With the battered DCMS looking for lower cost, easy to manufacture and homegrown weapon system easily useable by hordes of green troops as it rebuilt in the wake of the Truce of Tukayyid, Shigunga responded by repurposing its efforts on prototype "Dead-Fire Missiles" to develop an entirely new launcher that could provide unguided saturation fire in the midrange bracket. While derided by elite warriors, the success of the MRM soon resulted in launchers appearing widely across the Combine and Inner Sphere, in either licensed or unlicensed form.[1][6]

While Short Range and Streak Missile Launchers largely remained the preserve of Guided Technologies within the Combine, Shigunga leveraged their LRM launcher manufacturing facilities to introduce locally built copies of the SRM and LRM firing Multi-Missile Launchers that emerged during the Word of Blake Jihad. By the Dark Age era Shigunga were able to manufacture Clan grade version of at least some of its LRM launchers.[7]

Weapons released under the Shigunga brand include:


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