Sword (weapon)

BattleMech Sword


While most 'Mechs are equipped with ranged weaponry, melee weaponry is also both feasible and useful due to increased damage (over a punch) and a lack of heat buildup. The Sword is a melee attack weapon used by some BattleMechs. Developed in 3058 by the Draconis Combine[1] as an "honorable" alternative to the "crude" Lyran Hatchet, the Sword inflicts almost as much damage as a Hatchet and offers a better hit probability due to its exceptional balance.[1]

The most notable 'Mech equipped with a Sword is the No-Dachi, but many more can be found in the complete list of Hatchet or Sword using BattleMechs.


Swords are manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company
Katana New Samarkand New Samarkand Metals
??? Terra Krupp Armament Works

Infantry Sword[edit]

Conventional Sword

The Sword is an archaic weapon from a by-gone era when it was once the weapon of choice for professional soldiers. Swords of the thirty-first century are largely ceremonial weapons, given as gifts or worn with dress uniforms, with few schools and societies that still teach the art of swordsmanship. Those engaged in boarding actions of spacecraft, however, have been known to use them on occasion to avoid the chance of a hull breach.[2]


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