Explosive Pod

The Explosive Pod is an alternate ammunition type available for the standard and improved Narc Missile Beacons.


First developed by Draconis Combine in 3058, the standard explosive pod simply strips out the homing components in exchange for a sizable shaped charge, giving Narc-equipped units more tactical flexibility as well as surprise opponents with unexpected firepower. Seeing the successes that DCMS had with the explosive pods, ComStar quickly ensured that they produced a version for their improved Narc launcher, the larger size of the iNarc pods giving it even more room for more explosive.[1][2][3]


Game Rules[edit]

Explosive pods can be fired once per turn as a normal SRM attack, standard Narc explosive pods doing 4 points of damage, iNarc pods doing 6. For critical hits on an explosive pod ammo bin, each unfired explosive pod does damage equal to its type.[1][2]


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