Monitor Naval Vessel

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Monitor Naval Vessel
Production information
Manufacturer Nav Hull
Production Year 2910[1]
Mission Close Range (Blue Water)
Type Surface Naval
Cost 2,574,000 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 75 tons
Armor ArcShield Maxi II
Engine 195 Nisson Naval Diesel (ICE)
Speed 54 km/h
Crew 5
Communications System various
Targeting Tracking System various
Heat Sinks 0
BV (1.0) 571[2]
BV (2.0) 789[3]


Because water was a scarce resource, many of the heavily populated or industrialized worlds tended to be located on water-rich planets. Large population centers sprung up on river deltas and coasts where the need for naval patrolling was essential to safeguard security. For the most part, these craft were little more than field conversions of commercial boats but some specially designed patrol craft also entered service, and the Monitor produced by Nav Hull was an example of such a surface naval vessel.[4]

The Monitor was a formidable craft. Drawing only a half meter of water, it could freely travel through rivers without fear of running aground. Eight tons of armor protected it against any type of weapon, whether wielded by guerrilla infantry, vehicles or BattleMech forces. This made the vessel particularly successful in its role to defend strategic positions, river banks, and even coasts. The slow speed of the Monitor was a drawback in open water such as in oceans or big lakes, but it served perfectly on the closed confines of rivers and swamps where terrain negated any of the benefits of long range weapons and allowed the Monitor to make full use of its tremendous firepower. The complement of ten jump troops allowed for boarding actions against pirate craft, holding ground positions, and even take on 'Mechs when properly trained in anti-BattleMech operations.[4]


Although short ranged, the Monitor was powerfully armed. It was designed to fight in the confines of rivers and shallow lakes instead of open seas. The naval vessel mounted two 185 mm Autocannon/20s in a turret lifted almost completely from a Demolisher, which gave it the ability to sink another vessel, or even cripple all but the heaviest 'Mech in one salvo. For defense, in the confines of a narrow river, the vessel carried three sets of SRM-2s scattered around the hull.[4][5]

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