Hannibal Banacek

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Hannibal Banacek
Hannibal Banacek
Character Profile
Born 3037
Affiliation Clan Star Adder
Rank IlKhan
Profession MechWarrior

Hannibal Banacek was saKhan and Khan of Clan Star Adder, and the final ilKhan of the Clans during the events of the Wars of Reaving.[1]


Early life[edit]

Born of the Banacek and Talasko bloodlines, Hannibal was the only member of his sibko to graduate as a warrior. Despite his pro-Warden leanings and outspoken criticism of the Crusader ideology, which made him a target for many Trials early in his career, Hannibal's tactical skills ensured his challengers' failure even as he rose through the ranks. In 3057 he won the Banacek Bloodname and by 3059 was commanding the 5th Assault Cluster in his Clan's Alpha Galaxy. In this prestigious post Banacek was repeatedly commended by his superiors for his resourcefulness and battlefield flair. During the Burrock Absorption it was under his command that the outnumbered 5th spearheaded the charge at Fort Weller which broke Clan Blood Spirit's defenses and forced them to withdraw from Albion.[2][1]

In 3067 Banacek rose to command Alpha Galaxy, succeeding Dante Truscott when the latter became saKhan.[3]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

In December 3071, following the death of saKhan Truscott at the Blood Spirits' hands, Hannibal Banacek was elected as his replacement.[4] In the following years, Banacek led the Adders' Alpha and Delta Galaxies in eradicating Dark Caste and Society forces from Adder holdings on Brim, Homer, and Tathis, as well annihilating the resurgent Clan Burrock in the Tanite Worlds. These operations took their toll on him seeing the raw amount of lives lost at the Adder enclaves. It changed him from decidedly pro-Warden leanings to apply to that of the Clans.[citation needed] Hannibal was responsible for the subjugation of Stacha and the elimination of the Society's main laboratory complex and human prison pens on Cocyra Island.

After ilKhan Brett Andrews killed Khan Stanislov N'Buta, there was a declaration that Clan Steel Viper was the last remaining taint in Clan space. His act to bludgeon the once mighty leader of the Clans for the un-Clanlike killing of his Khan won him a great deal of respect from the other Khans present. With the respect of the Clan leaders and his stellar battle history he became the ilKhan for the Viper Annihilation.

After preventing massive amounts of losses during the Viper Annihilation, it was the hope of the Clan leadership that Hannibal would stay the ilKhan in order to prepare for a renewed invasion. Instead he stepped down and took up Khanship of the Star Adders, after setting several guidelines in place to foster Clan growth and repair.


As Khan, and later ilKhan, Banacek's personal DropShip was Serpent's Fang, of unknown class.


The name "Hannibal Banacek" is a portmanteau of two characters played by the actor George Peppard: John "Hannibal" Smith from the TV series The A-Team and Thomas Banacek from the TV series Banacek.


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