5th Assault (Clan Star Adder)

Clan Star Adder.jpg
5th Assault Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname Georgie's Gorillas
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy


During the Operation Revival Trials of Position, the Fifth Assault Cluster represented the Star Adders. Though they weren't fighting for an invasion corridor, the Fifth was determined to force their fellow warriors to perform at their best.[1] During the Trials, the Star Adders defeated the forces from Clan Nova Cat and Clan Fire Mandrill, but lost to Clan Diamond Shark.[2]

Burrock Absorption[edit]

The commander of the heavy Cluster surprised the Blood Spirit during the fight about Fort Weller on Albion. Even outnumbered the unit shattered the Blood Spirit's Alpha Galaxy. [3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 5th Assault
Star Colonel Imelda Talasko Operation REVIVAL[1]
Star Colonel Hannibal Banacek 3059[3]


The unit can fight in any terrain and prefers longer engagements, because of their heavy equipment. Most battles follow a two step plan. First the fighter soften the opponent up and then the heavy/assault mechs deliver the final blow.[3]

Composition History[edit]




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