Akira Tormark

Akira Tormark
Born 3050
Affiliation House Tormark
Spouse Moira Tessat[1]
Rachel Jefferson[1]
Children Two sons[1]
Katana Tormark[1]

Akira Tormark (b. 3050 - d. 3???) was a high-ranking and influential agent of the Internal Security Force.[2]


He was a heir to ancient samurai traditions.[1]

Tormark rose quickly through the ranks of the ISF after a successful operation near the Word of Blake Protectorate border. The success of this operation promoted him to the upper levels of DEST. Despite Akira being watched by the Director of the ISF and being a member of the Sons of the Dragon, he was also known to the O5P. His future was unclear, because though he was a Tai-i in the ISF, the O5P was interested in bringing Akira under their control.[2]

Made Planetary Chairman of the Draconis Combine Al Na'ir Prefecture, where he fought the massive military and social reforms brought by Coordinator Theodore Kurita. When Hohiro Kurita took the throne after the Word of Blake Jihad and promised to continue his father's plans, Akira forswore his loyalty to House Kurita and found a new lord and master in Devlin Stone and a new cause in the formation of the Republic of the Sphere[1]. He defected and eventually becoming the Planetary governor of Ancha.[3]

He married Moira Tessat, but after the birth of two sons, irreconcilable differences led to the dissolution of that marriage in 3086. In 3099 he met Rachel Jefferson, great-granddaughter of Fuhito Tetsuhara and a resident artist of African descent who fascinated him with her studies and portrayals of feudal Japan. They married in 3100 and Katana Tormark was born two years later.[1]

Born late in his life, Katana was left mainly in the care of her mother. After his wife premature death in 3117, he daughter Katana more strongly embraced the samurai traditions that she felt her father had abandoned, souring their relation as she visited the Combine for longer periods of time, excelling in the Way of the Warrior.[1]


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