Mikel Furey

Mikel Furey
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Galaxy Commander

Mikel Furey (born ???? - died 30??) was a Galaxy Commander in Clan Wolf prior to and during Operation Revival.[1]


Little is known of the origins of Mikel Furey, but it seems likely that he was abtakha from Clan Smoke Jaguar, as they claim exclusivity to the Furey Bloodname.[2] Described as tall and handsome with a prominent mustache, he was a noted collector of antique sabres, and was said to have had a flair for flowery phrases. As a Galaxy Commander, he was known for allowing his warriors great liberty, including the right to paint their 'Mechs as they choose. He was also known for holding nearly everything else of Inner Sphere origin in utter contempt.[1]

Raiders of Pershaw's Legacy[edit]

Early in his career, Mikel Furey was a Star Colonel commanding Clan Wolf's 16th Battle Cluster, considered to be the top Cluster in Gamma Galaxy at that time.[1] During a raid against Clan Jade Falcon on the world of Glory, Star Colonel Furey led the 16th Battle Cluster in an attempt to seize the spawn of Star Colonel Kael Pershaw, a younger officer already known for his organizational and strategic abilities. Star Colonel Furey offered the batchall once his Cluster had entered the Glory system, but would not lead the attack personally, instead delegating it to his Star Captains, who bid amongst themselves to carry out the raid. Star Captain Dwillt Radick won the bidding but would ultimately lose the engagement.[3]

Operation Revival and Beyond[edit]

During the invasion of the Inner Sphere, Gamma Galaxy would see action on many worlds throughout Clan Wolf's invasion corridor. Placidia, Butte Hold, Crellacor, The Edge, Skallevoll, Balsta, Rodigo, Liezen, Feltre, Mozirje, Vantaa, Basiliano, Ferleiten, Stanzach, Maestu, Weingarten, Nox, and Skandia would all be targeted by Mikel Furey's command, keeping him busy until the Battle of Tukayyid, where Gamma was stretched to its limits helping to secure a victory for Clan Wolf.[4] Galaxy Commander Furey was wounded in the action against the Com Guards during the battle.[5] His demise was not reported, though he was no longer listed on Clan rosters after 3052.[citation needed]


Mikel Furey piloted a Gargoyle prime as of 3052.[5]


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