The Edge

The Edge
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The Edge nearby systems
The Edge nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -33.606 : 407.079[e]
In the German edition of BattleTech, this system is called Rand, a literal translation of "edge".

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

Star League Era[edit]

The Edge was perhaps the first world to be struck by the Third Hidden War when in 2741 a band of extremely well-equipped brigands raided the planet, stealing huge quantities of raw materials and killing hundreds of civilians. It would later be determined that the raiders had been funded by the Draconis Combine, information that would prompt direct confrontations within the Star League High Council and a dramatic escalation in "bandit" raids - active raiding by House forces from all of the various Great Houses operating without official acknowledgement.[49] During the 2760s the Second Lyran Guards were involved in fighting bandits on The Edge.[50]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

The Edge was one of the worlds invaded by the Lyran Commonwealth during Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG, the major Lyran Commonwealth offensive of the Fourth Succession War. The Edge was considered a significant target due to its economic or political importance, and was a target of the followup exploitation phase that followed the first wave of attacks. The exploitation phase was initiated following orders from Archon Katrina Steiner on the 21st of October 3028,[20] and The Edge was invaded by the Tenth Donegal Guards.[51][21] Having captured The Edge, the Tenth Donegal Guards suddenly found themselves under attack when the DCMS launched a counteroffensive in December 3028 and January 3029. The DCMS deployed the Twenty-fifth Rasalhague Regulars to The Edge; while less experienced than the veterans of the Tenth Donegal Guards, the troops of the Twenty-fifth were fresh.[21]

When the lull in major operations settled across the Lyran Commonwealth front in early 3029, Colonel George Donaldson found his Donegal Guards stalemated a few kilometers away from Bono, the planetary capital city. With Bono being both the capital city and the industrial heart of the planet the Twenty-fifth Rasalhague Regulars had fought a stubborn campaign of resistance, leaving the Donegal Guards with secure positions south and east of the city on high ground, facing pits, trenches and large minefields that the Regulars continued to expand. Unable to push into the city without destroying it and unable to launch a flanking attack without giving up the high ground, Donaldson's forces resorted to daily artillery bombardments and waited.[22]

In May 3029 reinforcements for the Tenth arrived, in the form of the First Lyran Regulars. Having conquered Harvest in the first wave of GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG, the First had moved to Verthandi during the exploitation phase and rested and rearmed for several months.[51][22] The First dropped northwest of Bono and began advancing on the city, quickly clashing with the planetary militia. The militia responded with booby traps and suicide charges that caused a breakdown in cooperation between the BattleMech and conventional elements of the First, but which were insufficient to stop the First from pushing forward through superior numbers. By mid-July, the First had reached the outskirts of Bono, giving the Tenth an opportunity to make their own attack. Coordinating their attacks, the two Lyran RCTs pressed forward, with the Tenth crossing the minefields as the First broke through the defensive fortifications ahead of them before moving into Bono's industrial park.[22]

With a dominating victory in sight, the First Lyran Regulars 'Mech forces slipped, changing course to chase down a 'Mech company from the Twenty-fifth and leaving the Second Vulcan Mechanized Infantry Regiment exposed. The Twenty-fifth capitalized on that error, throwing forces at the Second Vulcan and using the opportunity to break for their DropShips. Even as the Twenty-fifth abandoned The Edge, a botched recognition sign between the Lyran regiments on the ground led to a blue-on-blue incident that cost them a 'Mech and twenty dead infantry, but the Commonwealth had secured The Edge.[22]

Coordinator Takashi Kurita ordered the DCMS to halt all but the most promising counterattacks and assume a defensive posture in late 3029; by the time the war was officially ended via a peace treaty mediated by ComStar[52] The Edge had been returned to Combine control,[53] most likely either via a counterattack or as a part of the peace negotiations.

The Clan Invasion[edit]

In March 3050 The Edge was targeted by Clan Wolf forces as a part of Operation Revival and invaded by Supernova Command, Supernova First, Alpha and Bravo Fighter Stars of the 16th Battle Cluster. The defending mercenary unit, the Outlaws, faced off against the Clan invaders on the Plains of Torneträsk in what the Outlaws intended to be a set-piece battle, but which instead turned into a rout that saw just two companies of Outlaw forces escape.[54][55]


During the Jihad, Clan Hell's Horses launched an invasion of the Clan Wolf holdings in the Inner Sphere, acquiring holdings for their own relocation to Spheroid space. The first wave of attacks captured four worlds; the second wave captured another four, of which The Edge was one. The first wave was launched between the 21st and 28th of February 3071, with the second wave falling somewhere between the end of the first wave and the 7th of April.[37]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Fourth Lyran Guards[56]







Planetary Locations[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 24 systems (23 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Lovinac 17.4 St. John 21.1 Alsace 21.3 Alleghe 23.8
Norn 23.9 Kirchbach 24.9 New Caledonia 25.6 Liezen 29.7
Bruben 33.5 Csesztreg 39.0 Harvest 42.7 Chateau 43.7
Mozirje 45.3 Feltre 46.9 Planting 46.9 Icar 50.3
Svelvik 51.1 Outpost 52.6 New Oslo 53.1 New Bergen 53.1
Unzmarkt 53.9 Star's End 55.6 Ridderkerk 57.3 Hermagor 60.2


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