New Bergen

New Bergen
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New Bergen nearby systems
New Bergen nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 19.382 : 402.946[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

Colonists from the Federal Democratic Republics of Finland, Norway and Sweden emigrated in significant numbers after the end of the War Damage Tax payments levied on them as a part of the international rebuilding effort following the Second Soviet Civil War. Choosing a world far from Terra and the oppressive bureaucracy that went with it, the first colonists left in the mid-twenty-third century and within sixty years had settled Rasalhague and eight other nearby worlds[1] including New Bergen.[2] In the late twenty-third century these worlds created a joint government to oversee the development of the worlds, creating the Rasalhague Consortium. Contact with other interstellar nations led to the Consortium evolving into the short-lived Principality of Rasalhague, prior to the Principality being conquered by the Draconis Combine in the early to mid-twenty-fourth century.[1]

When Shiro Kurita launched his invasion of the Principality of Rasalhague in an attempt to annex the Principality and add it to the Draconis Combine during the 2330s and 2340s the brutalities inflicted by the Combine forces were such that many of the survivors fled from the Principality. In some instances, survivors from one or more Principality worlds banded together to found new colonies. Engineers from New Bergen joined with survivors from other worlds - craftsmen and artists from Predlitz and Kufstein as well as technicians from St. John - to settle the worlds of Bensinger, Steelton and Toland. All three worlds were on the outer reaches of settled human space, cold and icy worlds that would subsequently be courted by the growing Rim Worlds Republic.[47]

Star League[edit]

In 2764, the 47th Royal Mechanized Infantry Division of the Star League Defense Force destroyed a base for the armed group called the Great North on Outpost, New Bergen and St. John. However, the SLDF troops thought they were defeating a group of Periphery separatists. In actuality, the group was made of ethnic Rasalhagians wanted for political and cultural crimes by the Draconis Combine. The SLDF troops were unknowingly doing the dirty work of oppressive Combine policies. This revelation nearly caused the entire Division to mutiny.[48]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Operation Revival[edit]

New Bergen was conquered by Clan Wolf during Operation Revival in May 3050. During the customary batchall issued by the 279th Battle Cluster's Star Colonel Lara Ward, Major General Geston lied about the true size of his force. Thus when the 279th's Trinaries First, Second and Striker met the enemy at Stover's Field, they were confronted by a much larger force than expected: the New Bergen Armored Brigade and New Bergen Mechanized Infantry Brigade. Rather than break her bid and call in reinforcements, Star Colonel Lara Ward ordered her forces to retreat, laying ambushes as they went for their pursuers. Eventually the militia forces were weakened enough for the Wolf units to make a successful counterattack at Iron Island, defeating them and conquering the planet.[49]


New Bergen was again conquered during the Jihad; Clan Hell's Horses launched an invasion of Clan Wolf holdings in the Inner Sphere in early 3071, acquiring holdings for their own relocation to Spheroid space. New Bergen was seized by the Hell's Horses at some point in March or early April, who then consolidated their hold on the world.[35]

Military Deployment[edit]






  • Seventy-seventh Mechanized Cavalry Cluster[54]


Planetary Locations[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 32 systems (29 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Svelvik 8.8 Balsta 13.7 Hermagor 14.6 New Oslo 17.3
Leoben 22.1 Rasalhague 23.9 Outpost 23.9 Bruben 29.0
Tovetin 29.2 Dawn 29.3 Alleghe 29.4 St. John 32.9
Christiania 37.0 Susquehanna 37.2 Skallevoll 37.5 Alsace 37.9
Unzmarkt 42.7 Liezen 46.3 Radlje 46.3 Ferleiten 49.5
Lovinac 50.2 Vipaava 52.9 The Edge 53.1 Trondheim 53.3
Predlitz 54.1 Pomme De Terre 54.5 Holmsbu 54.6 Feltre 56.9
Pinnacle 59.4 Kirchbach 61.8 Last Frontier 62.6 Hohenems 66.3


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