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2nd Wolf Cavaliers (Clan Wolf)

Second Wolf Cavaliers
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Parent Command Tau Galaxy


During the Refusal War, the unit participated in the assault of Zoetermeer. Zoetermeer proved to be a victory for Clan Wolf, but at heavy cost. Although the Falcons' 10th Provisional Garrison Cluster was completely destroyed, the Eleventh Wolf Regulars suffered 40 percent losses, while the 4th Striker Cluster lost 39 percent of their troops. The 21st Battle Cluster took 32 percent casualties, but the 2nd Wolf Cavaliers lost only 15 percent of their effective strength. Even using salvage, it would take the technicians two weeks to recover the damaged units to 70 percent strength. The Wolves also destroyed an orbital repair facility the Falcons had been constructing, which would damage any potential renewed invasion. Despite the losses, Ulric was dismissive of the overall performance of the Falcons on Zoetermeer.[1][2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Wolf Cavaliers



Composition History[edit]




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  2. Bred for War, p. 225, Ulric comments that the Ninth Provisional Cluster gave the Wolves a better fight than the Tenth on Zoetermeer