Heimdall (organization)

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A self-described "loyal-opposition" movement within the Lyran Alliance. Heimdall, named after a Norsk mythology dwarf who guarded the Bifrost Bridge, is covert and works to defend the people's liberties whenever it feels that the government has overstepped its bounds. Heimdall's genesis and growth appear to have occurred at the same time as the worst crimes and excesses of their main opponent, Loki, as Heimdall often acts as self-appointed guardians of the Lyran people.[1]


Heimdall's origins are shrouded in myth and rumor. Their numbers, goals, training and methods are unknown. Even his existence appears to be, for most people, like a urban legend, and very few ones appears to believe they're real. Only their members and those fortunate to have been aided by them can attest its very existence.[2] Alessandro Steiner said they were founded by a group of nobles to fight against the lyran government's excesses.[3] Rumors about the group appears to paint them as terrorists and enemies of the Archon.[4] However, as never a member of Heimdall have been captured alive, very few information is known. The size and influence of the group is a mistery even today.[5] In 3004, a Heimdall cell on Poulsbo thwarted Loki agents assassination attempt against Katrina Steiner and cousins Morgan Kell and Arthur Luvon. At least an agent of Heimdall, named Grison, sacrificed his life to ensure their escape, after blowing a control tower of a spaceport.[6] Grison's daughter later received funding and a new identity, entering the Nagelring academy with the name Jeana Clay.[7] The year 3005, a cell of Heimdall operating in Combine space, in a mining asteroid in system Styk, help the mercenary Gray Noton to hijack a DropShip, the Silver Eagle, causing the Silver Eagle Incident.[8][1] The group, lead by Danica Holstein and Clovis Holstein, had been realizing works for Noton to finance themselves, and their presence was at least tacitly accepted by kuritan authorities, as they're lyran dissidents. However, after uncover the presence of the princess Melissa Steiner aborad the Silver Eagle, they changes sides and scarified their lives to protect her against the assault on the asteroid by ISF and Genyosha assault. But only the timely intervention of the Kell Hounds mercenary group alloved the rescue of the princess and the last survivors of Heimdall. TIn 3029, they installed in planet Lyons in the Isle of Skye, founding a small colony there, named New Freedom, with the Hounds assistance. But after the Fourth Succession War, the Kuritan unit Third Dieron Regulars attack the planet, targeting the colony. The colonists were slaughtered except for Clovis, a woman and a group of children.[9] After uncover that the kuritans have been manipulated by Skye duke Aldo Lestrade to launch the attack, Clovis poisoned the duke, killing him despite the fact he was his biological father. The same year, in 20 of June, Jeana Clay, who had taken the post of double of Melissa Steiner on Tharkad, sacrified her life to save Katrina Steiner from an assassination attempt, also launched by Aldo Lestrade.[10]

During the FedCom Civil War, Katherine Steiner-Davion repeated the same mistakes of Alessandro Steiner, using her Loki teams to 'deal' with her enemies, kidnapping, torturing, bombing and murdering at will, and, as they do 65 years before, Heimdall block their terror campaign, with both group teams attacking each other, effectively siding with Victor Davion's side. Heimdall compensated Loki's advantage of training and equipment with their advantage of numbers and the reach of his organization. By 3065, Loki was at the defensive.[11] In the last stage a group of Heimdall operatives assisted a group of agents loyalists to Victor Steiner-Davion, in their search of proofs about Katherine's complicity in her mother's assassination.[12]


Very few is knew about the group's organization, but it appears they were divided in sleeping cells distributed everywhere. One of them was in Poulsbo and another bigger group, with their own JumpShip, the Bifrost, operated from a hidden base in an asteroid, in kuritan space, on Styk, financing themselves realizing independent works.[13] Usually, Heimdall remains dormant until forced to activate. They act quickly and vanish when the threat is removed, without leave any trace of their existence. How they can do it is a mystery, but it suggest their operatives have superior training techniques and a high level of coordination.[14] As they were the loyal opposition, ironically, Heimdall members were some of the most loyal defenders to the lyran state, receiving assistance and funds from sympathizers, like Simon Johnson, leader of the CIL and dukes of Arc-Royal and Donegal, Arthur Luvon and Morgan Kell.[15] Many experts suggest than between their members are highly members of the aristocracy, business sector and even the Estates General.[16]

Known Members[edit]


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