Aldo Lestrade (31st c.)

This article is about the Succession Wars-era character. For the Reunification War-era character, see Aldo Lestrade (26th c.).

Aldo Lestrade IV
Aldo Lestrade IV
Died23 October 3029[2][3]
AffiliationHouse Lestrade
Title(s)Duke of Summer
SpouseDanica Holstein (lover)[2]
ChildrenClovis Holstein (illegitimate)[2]

Aldo Lestrade IV was the Duke of Summer and leader of the Federation of Skye.


Aldo's goal was to secede the Federation of Skye from the rest of the Lyran Commonwealth. To do so, he worked with Archon Katrina's cousins Duke Frederick and Ryan Steiner, as well as former Archon Alessandro Steiner.[4]

Aldo Lestrade was a notorious womanizer. He had many affairs, but was never known to have children. Unknown to nearly everyone, injuries suffered during a Draconis Combine raid rendered him unable to have children. He also craved attention and was willing to do anything necessary to get it, whether it came from his parents during childhood or the adulation of crowds as an adult.[1]


Early Life[edit]

Aldo was the youngest child of the ruling Lestrade family of Summer. From an early age, he showed an affinity for scheming. Whenever he felt one of his siblings was being given better treatment than him, Aldo would tell his parents something that made that sibling look bad, such as accusing them of taking money from the family.[1]

Aldo's place in the line of succession made his rise to power unlikely, but a series of family squabbles (and deaths) left Aldo the heir-designate to the Duchy of Summer.[1]


In 3005, Draconis Combine forces launched a raid against Summer. During the fighting, as the Third Royal Guards fended off the attack, Aldo secretly murdered his father in order to gain the throne, but was badly injured during the fighting. When infantry elements of the Third Royals arrived, Aldo blamed the Guards' laxness for the death of his father and his own injuries.[1]

After taking the throne of Summer and assuming leadership of the Federation of Skye, he took an anti-Lyran Commonwealth political stance, rallying anyone who was tired of the Commonwealth's inability to defend them. His charisma made him a strong leader of the separatist movement. During these times, he began to cultivate alliances with Lyran nobility opposed to the Archon, such as Frederick Steiner. While Frederick was tied to two assassination attempts against the Archon, many suspected Aldo was the true mastermind behind them.[1]

Political Intrigue of later Years[edit]

After discovering the secret treaty signed between the Archon and Federated Suns First Prince Hanse Davion, Aldo had his nephew secretly contract Gray Noton on Solaris VII to hijack the Silver Eagle and kidnap Archon-Designate Melissa Steiner.

During the Fourth Succession War, he directed an assassination attempt on Katrina and Melissa Steiner, but was thwarted by Melissa's body-double. This would ultimately lead to the downfall of both Aldo and Frederick. Aldo was killed by his illegitimate son, Clovis Holstein in revenge for allowing New Freedom, on the planet Lyons, to be wiped out by the DCMS. Aldo had convinced the Combine that the New Freedom residents were secretly working to murder Takashi Kurita.[citation needed]


In Historical: Reunification War, it is stated that the Lestrade family have an unbroken line ruling Skye until 3022, Aldo IV is likely a member of a cadet line as the last Duke Grethar Lestrade is listed as childless.[5]


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