House Lestrade

House Lestrade
Family Profile
Title(s) Duke of Skye

Duke of Summer

Baron von Summer

Died out 3029
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Cadet branch(es) House Aten (adopted)

House Lestrade are a ruling noble family with roots in the Isle of Skye, their fiefs have included the Duchy of Skye, the Duchy of Summer and the Lestrade Motors manufacturing concern.

Archon Robert Steiner appointed the Lestrade family to the Dukedom of Skye around 2504 for their loyalty and support. He also made full reparations to Skye to help them rebuild following the fighting. The brief Lyran Civil War was over.[1]

With the death of Duke Aldo Lestrade IV in the late 3020s the Lestrade family fell from grace, and control over the Dukedom of Summer acquired by the Hayne family, an old Summer family that had dominated the polar continent of Aberdale for a long time.[2]

Lestrade Family Tree[edit]

Aldo IV

Known members of the family[edit]

Family Heirlooms and Holdings[edit]

The Lestrade family seat was Castle Lestrade on Mount Curitiba Summer.[9]


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