Clovis Holstein

Clovis Holstein
AffiliationLyran Commonwealth
Position(s)CEO of Arc-Royal MechWorks
ParentsAldo Lestrade IV (father)[1]
Danica Holstein (mother)[1]
SpouseKarla Bremen[2]
ChildrenDaniel Holstein[2]

Clovis Holstein was an excellent computer programmer and a lostech expert.[3] Being a person with dwarfism, Clovis wore meter-long stilts so that he could reach computer controls.[4]


Early Life[edit]

Born of an illicit affair between Aldo Lestrade IV and his mother. During the same raid that killed Aldo's father and made him Duke, his mother fled Summer with the aid of a Heimdall cell. Clovis was born within six months.[5]

Other children were very cruel to him, but his mother comforted him with stories of his father, who she said was a bold MechWarrior who would someday come and take them both away. As he grew older, he heard uncharitable references to his mother as "the Duke's whore." Slowly, the truth began to dawn, and one night he finally confronted his mother. She admitted that she'd become pregnant by Aldo Lestrade, but was too terrified of him to deny his advances or to let Lestrade know that she was pregnant with his child. She told Clovis not to speak about it.[5]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

With his mother and the rest of their Heimdall allies, he accepted a job from Gray Noton to hijack the Silver Eagle. They started by sabotaging the JumpShip Meridian in the Fomalhaut system on 11 May 3027, and Clovis' manipulation of Monopole Lines' computer system allowed them to reassign the Silver Eagle to the Heimdall-affiliated JumpShip Bifrost instead. Unaware of who the high-profile passenger aboard really was, but already thinking this could be a plot to damage Katrina Steiner, Danica Holstein and her son Clovis diverted the Silver Eagle to an abandoned mining colony in the Styx system and not to the expected rendezvous point.[3]

To their shock, a Draconis Combine Invader-class JumpShip appeared in-system on 23 May, obviously aiming to capture the Silver Eagle. The JumpShip launched a Fury-class DropShip, most probably full of ISF troopers. At that time it is revealed that "Joana Barker" is indeed Melissa Steiner and the likely target, prompting Heimdall to ally with their erstwhile hostages in an attempt to fend off the incoming troops and prevent her capture. Then a second Invader arrived, hauling an Overlord this time, which turned out to be the Genyosha.[4]

Clovis helped to coordinate the defense of the Styx base,[4] and when the ISF troopers reached them, he helped Melissa to escape through the tunnels to the surface with help from Andrew Redburn, where they found the Kell Hounds who had arrived in-system escaping from a Kurita trap on Pacifica.[6]

The Kell Hounds engaged and repelled the Genyosha, though unit commander Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick Kell lost a BattleMech duel with Yorinaga Kurita and later died of the wounds he suffered, and he was present when Melissa told Patrick and the other Kell Hounds that she would be marrying Hanse Davion,[7] and later, he swore to secrecy in front of Hanse himself. As per their actions, he and his Heimdall colleagues were given a full pardon.[7]

Nearly a year later (3 March 3028), while his mother is in Lyons, where Duke Aldo Lestrade has reluctantly allowed the Heimdall refugees from Styx to settle in the newly built town of New Freedom on orders from the Archon, Clovis was in Arc-Royal when the Kell Hounds were reformed to a full regiment, where he went to help Eire MechWorks (it is implied he contributed his programming skills to the development of the Wolfhound). He was also with Dan Allard when they both tried to identify the sensor reaction to Morgan Kell's Archer's piloting.[8][9]

On 5 April 3029, he was on Lyons, part of the Isle of Skye, organizing the development of New Freedom as acting mayor of the town, when Aldo Lestrade requested the Kell Hounds leave.[10]

Then Kuritan troopers attacked, in this case elements of the Third Dieron Regulars. Clovis Holstein found himself, with Karla Bremen and thirty children, holed up in a bunker as Kurita troops attacked and ravaged the town, indiscriminately executing the population. While trying to get a message about the attack to Morgan Kell he was caught, but saved by the sudden appearance of Dan Allard in his Wolfhound. Analyzing their defeated opponents' computers, they found that the ISF felt the Styx refugees posed a danger to the Draconis Combine (presumably because of the Silver Eagle Affair) and had ordered their extermination. The Kell Hounds deduct that it was none other than Duke Aldo Lestrade who set the unwanted colony up to be destroyed, to further his own political agenda. At this, Clovis Holstein reveals that he is Duke Lestrade's illegitimate son and announces that he will personally kill his treacherous father.[5]

In Castle Lestrade on Summer, Clovis Holstein confronted his father, revealing his identity and finally watching the Duke die from the poison he had given him.[1]

The Kell Hounds[edit]

After that, his whereabouts cannot be confirmed, though he worked alongside Wolf's Dragoons, Kell Hounds and Dr. Banzai in the development of Inner Sphere advanced weapons,[11] and on the redesign of Justin Allard's arm laser.[12]

He was also directly involved in the redesign of Yen-Lo-Wang with advanced technology, and on 21 September 3051 he presented the modifications to both Hanse Davion and Kai Allard-Liao.[13]

At that time it is confirmed that he was already married.[13]

The same year, Clovis was part of the design and outfitting of the first Inner Sphere Battle Armor suits, the Gorilla Suit. Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion ordered him to send some to try them against the Clan Jade Falcon.[14]

He continued his excellent work for Eire MechWorks, and continued working there in its next incarnation, Arc-Royal MechWorks, and by 3067 he was the company's CEO.[15]


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