Arthur Luvon

Arthur Luvon, ca. 3004
Arthur Luvon
Character Profile
Born 2979[1]
Died August 3010[2]
Affiliation House Luvon
Title(s) Duke of Donegal[1][2]
Profession Noble
Parents Alister Luvon (father)[3]
Spouse Katrina Steiner[1][2]
Children Melissa Steiner[1]

Arthur Luvon was the husband to Katrina Steiner and cousin to the brothers Morgan and Patrick Kell, of Kell Hounds fame.[2]


At some point Arthur joined the loyal Lyran Commonwealth opposition group of Heimdall.

In 3004, during what was to be a clandestine meeting with his lover Katrina Steiner on Poulsbo, the couple together with Arthur's then eighteen-year-old cousin, Morgan Kell survived an abduction and assassination attempt by Loki agents sent by Archon Alessandro Steiner. The intervention of a Heimdall cell rescued them and allowed them to escape by stealing a small spacecraft from the Bangor spaceport, though Jeana Clay's father Grison, a Heimdall agent, gave his life to cover their escape.

The trio left Lyran space and subsequently traveled through the periphery, posing as pirates. Katrina cast herself as the 'Red Corsair' and Morgan and Arthur as her bodyguards, 'the two hunchbacks'. During their Red Corsair adventure they found a Star League cache from which they recovered the 'Black Box' superluminal fax machines and possibly other technology. However, no further details have become known.

After they had returned to Lyran space in 3006, Arthur married Katrina. It was generally assumed (and apparently the belief of Katrina Steiner, Arthur Luvon and Morgan Kell as well) that the Loki agents had been sent to abduct or kill Katrina, and possibly kill Arthur and Morgan. This was a major reason (among others) for Katrina to replace her unpopular uncle Alessandro as ruling Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth in a bloodless coup in 3007. Near the end of his life Alessandro Steiner privately told Ryan Steiner that he had actually sent the Loki agents to kill Arthur Luvon, whom he had discovered to be a high-ranking Heimdall leader; it was an unforeseen coincidence that Katrina Steiner and Morgan Kell were present when the attempt took place and wholly unintended that Katrina would believe she had been the target.[4]

Death and legacy[edit]

Arthur succumbed to cancer in August 3010, leaving a vast fortune to his cousins Morgan and Patrick. The brothers would use the money to found the Kell Hounds mercenary unit. Arthur's daughter and grandson both were named in his honor.


  • Information regarding the Black Box devices and their history is spotty, but the device that Katrina Steiner, Arthur Luvon and Morgan Kell found was located at the HQ of the Seventeenth Royal Division on Taran's World which had been hit by a "dirty" nuclear weapon in 2595 during the Reunification War. The fact that it had been sealed in a ferrocrete bunker, implicitly heavily irradiated, by Star League engineers might explain why both Arthur Luvon and later Katrina Steiner succumbed to cancer at a relatively young age.[5]


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