Battle of Luthien (3067)

Battle of Luthien (3067)
Part of Jihad era
Start Date December 3067
End Date December 3074
Planet Luthien
Result Luthien liberated from Word of Blake and Black Dragon Society forces
Loyalists (to the Draconis Combine's Coordinator) Kokuryu-kai
Word of Blake
Clan Nova Cat
Clan Ghost Bear

The Luthien campaign of the Jihad began in December 3067 and concluded in December 3074, with the liberation of Luthien by the Rho Galaxy of Clan Ghost Bear.[1]

Leading Events[edit]

The Black Dragon Society had influenced the involvement of the four Alshain Avengers regiments to seize Alshain back from Clan Ghost Bear in 3062. As the conflict escalated into all-out warfare between the Combine and the Clan, the 2nd Sword of Light was split into two and deployed to the worlds of Constance and Garstedt. Following the war, the Second's CO, Tai-sa Li Sak To, grew more bitter over the level of support the DCMS provided the unit, which he blamed on Theodore Kurita's reforms. This led him to overtly allow a greater Society influence to permeate throughout the unit, until a majority was solidly in favor of a top-level change within the Combine.


In December 3067, the 1st Genyosha, 2nd Sword of Light, Otomo and Izanagi Warriors were the defending DCMS forces on Luthien. Tai-sa To accepted the orders from the Black Dragon Society and initiated a coup against the Imperial government on Luthien. Almost a battalion of Loyalist members of the 2nd Sword, plus support crews, mutinied against To, for what they took as his traitorous actions.[1]

By the end of the last week of the year, the Voice of the Dragon compound had fallen to the Kokuryu-kai and on New Year's Day 3068, so had the Imperial Palace.[2]



The campaign on Luthien was fought by several different factions seeking different, but sometimes parallel, goals. These combatants were[1]:


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