Gregory Zwick

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Gregory Zwick
Born 3005
Died 3???
Affiliation ComStar/Word of Blake
Profession Aerospace Officer/Precentor Naval
Spouse Melissa

Gregory Zwick (Born 3005 - Died 3???)[1] - A ComStar Aerospace Officer, whom later joined the Word of Blake eventually rising to the rank of Precentor Naval; supreme commander of all aerospace and naval forces.

Character History[edit]

Early Years[edit]

Zwick had joined ranks of ComStar in early 31st Century and became best friends with fellow Aerospace track fellow, Alain Beresick. Beresick introduced him to his cousin, Melissa, what would become his future wife in 3033 with Beresick as best man. Two served together, with Zwick serving under Beresick onboard ComStar vessel, Direct Communications. He and Beresick had re-written book of space warfare together by studying and usage of simulations.

In 3049, he was re-assigned to ROM controlled vessel which was assigned to patrol the Deep Periphery. During his tour on the ship, he was responsible for discovery of the wrecked Rim Worlds Republic WarShip, the Dystopia in 3051.[2]

Return to the Inner Sphere & Defection[edit]

In 3052, Zwick had returned to the Inner Sphere where he discovered that Anastasius Focht had killed Primus Myndo Waterly. Over the course of several months, he organized an exodus of like-minded ComStar personnel who did not approve of how the ComStar Schism was transforming the organization. His flotilla consisting of his own JumpShip and pair of DropShips filled with supplies went on to meet up with Word of Blake personnel gathering in the Free Worlds League. [3] His defection forced him to leave his wife and family behind.

Operation Odysseus and the Jihad[edit]

Zwick was placed in command of the naval forces which were assigned to Operation Odysseus, the Blakist's 3058 invasion of Terra. He was credited for his skills of keeping the expedition's forces safe from ComStar's orbiting forces. Despite his failure to secure the Titan Shipyards, Zwick was highly praised for his actions in Odysseus and was awarded newly created rank of Precentor Naval.[3] [4]

After ascending to the commander and chief of all naval forces of the Blake, he focus his efforts to gain control of still ComStar controlled Titan Shipyards.[3]

By the outbreak of the Jihad in late 3067, Zwick has settle in command of Terra's naval forces. During Case White in 3068 he was believed to be force led to naval task force's destruction and capture of score of ComStar Warships.[5]

As part of Word's war with Inner Sphere, Zwick dispatched the Blessed Winds III-kappa in a raid against Clan Wolf's capital world of Tamar in late 3070. The Level III sneak attack caused considerable amount of damage against Clan Wolf's capital.[6]

On the 30th of April 3078 it was revealed by Colonel Marcel Webb - Commanding Officer of the Star Seeds mercenary unit and head of security for the allied coalition - in a news broadcast from Kittery that the allied coalition was filing criminal charges on behalf of all the allied nations against a number of senior Word of Blake senior or high profile figures, including Gregory Zwick. The coalition intended to charge Zwick with terrorism, murder and genocide.[7]


He his married to Melissa, who is cousin to fellow naval officer Alain Beresick.

Titles and Position[edit]

Since 3058, he is Word of Blake's Precentor Naval. Supreme Commander of all Aerospace based forces.


Zwick is considered to be moderate supported of the Word of Blake's Counter Reformist movement. He strongly supports Cameron St. Jamais.[3]


Game Rules[edit]

Precentor Naval Zwick has the following Notable personalities Skill's and Special Abilities / Rules Annex abilities from Masters and Minions. He has the following effect on forces if he is command of them. Drones automatically deployed beginning of the game at speed 8. Any AeroSpace Fighter forces under his command may after all other units movements once a scenario.[8]


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