Alain Beresick

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Alain Beresick
Character Profile
Born 3011
Died 17 August 3078
Affiliation ComStar

Alain Beresick (b. 3011[1] - d. August 17th 3078[2]) was a thirty-first century Com Guard Aerospace Officer and later Supreme Commander of ComStar's Aerospace.

Character History[edit]

Early Years[edit]

Beresick was born in the Draconis Combine. He had an early infatuation with space. He enlisted with ComStar so that he could pursue his dream of a naval career. He completed his training and became an Adept I Theta. Beresick was soon assigned to a JumpShip.[3] Early on in his career, he meet the slightly older Gregory Zwick who shared his passion with all things naval. Beresick introduced his new friend to his cousin, Melissa, with whom a relationship soon developed, and eventually marriage.[4]

Alain worked his way up the ranks and became Captain of the JumpShip Direct Communication in 3047. He and Zwick served together during the next few years, and both helped to develop new ideas in conducting "black" space naval combat. Years later, Zwick became the Commanding Officer of a Deep Periphery patrolling JumpShip and soon they parted ways.[5]

Clan Invasion Era[edit]

Tukayyid and the Invisible Truth[edit]

During the preparation for the Battle of Tukayyid, he tirelessly worked both himself and his men to ensure that all ComStar Forces he was transporting would reach Tukayyid in time for the massive Trial of Possession with the Clans. His efforts were noticed by Anastasius Focht, and was rewarded with the responsibility of reviving the Cameron Class Battlecruiser Invisible Truth in 3053. Transferred to ComStar's secret naval yard in the Luyten 68-28 system, he worked alongside his men while reviving an ancient WarShip.

In 3058, Beresick would go down in history (secretly), as the Invisible Truth clashed with the Word of Blake's Essex Class Destroyer, the WoBS Deliverance. Alain was able to defeat the Blakist WarShip in battle, forcing it to withdraw from Ross Luyten 68-28. The was the first time in Inner Sphere history such a clash of its kind occurred in centuries.[6]

Task Force Serpent[edit]

His action would propel him to the top list of candidates to organize and lead the re-born SLDF's Task Force Serpent.[7] In 3059 Beresick would lead the Task Force of 13 JumpShips and 7 WarShips, including Invisible Truth into the Deep Periphery on a secret mission to invade Huntress. During the voyage, Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion instituted a rank change back to the old SLDF ranks for duration of the mission, making Beresick a Commodore.

In December 3059, the Task Force encountered a small Clan Ghost Bear convoy consisting of a trio of WarShips and a single Invader JumpShip filled with Civilian Castemen. The clash would be known later as the Battle of Trafalgar, where Beresick's WarShips and other Aerospace assets conducted the first large-scale Warship Naval battle in centuries. Beresick was able to lead his forces to victory, while safeguarding his task force. Beresick's crews captured the Ghost Bear WarShip,Firefang, amidst the fighting.[8] The Task Force, unable to bring a majority of the survivors to the battle with them, "beach" them on a habitable world with only the most basic means to survive.[9]

During the voyage, Marshal Hasek-Davion was murdered, and the Invisible Truth itself was nearly destroyed by a saboteur. Despite many hardships, they and General Ariana Winston were able stop the saboteur before he carried out his threat. He started to build good rapport with the Eridani Light Horse Brigade's commanding general and now Task Force Commander.

After advanced special forces were deployed to disable Huntress' SDS system, Beresick led Task Force Serpent into the Huntress system on March 5, 3060. There, the Task Force attacked a trio of WarShips that were defending the system, preventing them from attacking the ground forces going in.

Fourteen days after the invasion was nearly completed, the Clan Smoke Jaguar troops from their lost Occupation Zone arrived and attacked Beresick and his task force. Beresick ordered the Task Force's fleet of JumpShips out of the system in order to prevent their destruction. In the clash, Invisible Truth received a considerable amount of damage, but was able to destroy the Clan's Liberator-class Cruiser, Korat.

With the Task Force's remaining WarShips heavily damaged, they missed the arrival of the Smoke Jaguar's Khan in his Black Lion Class Battlecruiser, Streaking Mist at Huntress' pirate point. However, Beresick was unable to bring his ships about to confront the Clan WarShips. On March 30th, he attempted to contact General Ariana Winston, to report that forces from Operation Bulldog had arrived to save the task force from destruction. However, the General was killed in the last moments of the conflict on Huntress.[10][11]

Aftermath of Task Force Serpent[edit]

Beresick was promoted for his deeds during Task Serpent Force mission and elevated to Precentor Naval. He was also given direct command of ComStar's First Fleet based out of Ross Luyten 68-28.[12][13]

During the early years of the FedCom Civil War Precentor Beresick does errands for Victor Steiner-Davion. He met briefly with former Thorin militia commander Lieutenant-General Archer Christifori in 3063, where he handed him his new rank bars and a message from Victor. By this time, he was no longer part of the SLDF.[14]

Jihad and Death[edit]

In late 3067, Precentor Beresick, while in command of the Invisible Truth in the Tharkad system, was forced to escape with Precentor Martial Steiner-Davion and his new spouse when the Blakists attacked Tharkad. He was continuously forced on the run from them, while Case White goes down without him and the Precentor Martial in 3068.[15]

Selected as the commander of Task Force EARTHBOUND, the Operation SCOUR assault on the orbital defenses around Terra, Beresick was at the helm of the Invisible Truth when it came under heavy attack from a Naga-class WarShip before he encountered his former friend and Blakist counterpart Gregory Zwick in command of Farragut-class WoBS Righteous Justice. Beresick declined his friend's offer of surrender, the pair's personal conflict ending as the Invisible Truth went down guns blazing, torn apart by the Blakist forces. [2]


Beresick had a cousin named Melissa, who was married to his former best friend, Gregory Zwick.[16]


Game Notes[edit]

While using Master and Minions AToW special rules/abilities, Alain Beresick gives following abilities to vessel (individual unit) under his direct command. This unit would gain -1 to-hit modifier. Any forces (multiple units) under his direct command, the controlling player will be allowed use the option to move half their force after all enemy forces have moved. This is a one time ability per-scenario/game.[17]


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