4th Kavalleri

4th Kavalleri.JPG
Fourth Kavalleri
Formed Prior to 3049
Disbanded 3072 (disbanded)
Nickname Their Own Worst Enemy[1]
Tomtens Släde[2]
Affiliation Free Rasalhague Republic
Parent Command Kavalleri

Unit Description[edit]

The 4th Kavalleri was a light weight and reconnaissance BattleMech Regiment, which was a military formation serving the Free Rasalhague Republic.[3]

Unit History[edit]


After the Ronin Wars of 3034, the Kavalleri brigade was expanded, which led to the formation of the 4th Kavalleri.[4][5]

Clan Invasion and its Effects[edit]

In 3049, descendants of the SLDF returned and began their invasion of the Periphery and the Inner Sphere. During the Clan Invasion which would ensue for next four years, the 4th Kavalleri would on Al Hillah during the conflict.[6] The unit would suffer despite being the only surviving Kavalleri brigade unit to remain intact, from psychological problems. Unit morale would plummet over the decade since the Invasion, as false rumors of the unit's being weak and unready for combat poisoned them. The unit's sagging morale would prove to be so highly infectious, that the Överbefälhavare would block any transfer of unit personnel to other regiments out of fear these troopers would spread these ill-felt feelings. By 3062, the Överbefälhavare Christian Månsdottir's efforts to retrain and treat the Unit's morale and confidence issues had finally shown promise. These efforts had started with the Kavalleri's Överste Cizek, whom had suffered from shattering of the unit's confidence in them. The Överbefälhavare then had the unit schedule a raid into Clan Wolf space to further bolster their self-confidence.[7]

Raid in Clan Wolf space and years leading to the Jihad[edit]

In 3063, after much preparation the 4th Kavalleri launched a raiding campaign into Clan Wolf's Occupation Zone. Their mission objective was to resupply resistance cells within Clan Wolf's space. The Kavalleri first struck Altenmarkt, where they resupplied several resistance cells on planet. After leaving the planet, before Clan Wolf's elements of Alpha Galaxy could intercept them, they would surprise the Wolves. Instead of withdrawing back to the Republic, Överste Cizek led the unit deeper into the Occupation Zone. They landed on Diosd, where the unit hooked up with the resistance groups on planet and gave them supplies. They then turned their guns against the Wolves' garrison force where they defeated them handily. With frontline troops of the Wolves closing in on him, Cizek ordered the Kavalleri to withdraw back to the Republic. The unit would return and be greeted as heroes, helping to bolster their own morale and that of the Republic. Their incursion and following ones conducted by other Republic units would rally anti-ComStar sentiment and voicing the push to oust them.[8]

The Jihad and absorption the Republic[edit]

In January 3068, the Republic would be attacked by the Word of Blake. They would lay siege against some of its key worlds of Tukayyid and later Orestes. With Republic in turmoil, it was unclear how 4th Kavalleri responded to the invasion by the Blakist. However, in 3070, Elected-Prince and Star Colonel Ragnar Magnusson would arrive with Clan Ghost Bear forces to force off the Blakists attacks against the Republic. The long-missing Prince would negotiate and convinces its people and government to join the Ghost Bear Dominion, under his Clan's protection. The Republic's government would agree after meeting with Ghost Bear officials to merge the Republic into the Ghost Bear Dominion.[9]

In 3072, Clan Ghost Bear and KungsArmé under the guidance of General Margrethe Minuit and Elected Prince and saKhan Ragnar Magnusson would dismantle the regiment along with other KungsArmé units. The Regiment would be remade into a Clan 2nd-Line Cluster, the 4th Kavalleri Cluster.[10][11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Kavalleri
Överste Jeffery Cizek 3050 - 3063[12][13][8]


The 4th Kavalleri can not adapt in any specific tactic, however their 'Mech force light and medium weights allows them to perform proficiently in scouting and reconnaissance work.[14][2]

Composition History[edit]


4th Kavalleri (BattleMech Regiment)

  • CO: Överste Jeffery Cizek

Unit Note: Stationed on Lothan, the regiment was as of 3050 were considered to be Regulars in skill, but fanatical in their loyalty to the Republic.[15]


4th Kavalleri (2 BattleMech Battalions)

  • 1st Battalion - CO: Överste Jeffery Cizek
  • 3rd Battalion - CO: Överste Dolores Gunderson

Unit Note: Kavalleri's Battalions would be spread in two locations as of 3054. Its 1st Battalion would be stationed on Al Hillah, while its 3rd Battalion was stationed on Orestes.[16]

3062 to 3067[edit]

4th Kavalleri (BattleMech Regiment) - CO: Överste Jeffery Cizek

  • 1st Battalion - CO: Överste Jeffery Cizek
  • 2nd Battalion - CO: Överste-Löjtnant Jane Maginot
  • 3rd Battalion - CO: Överste-Löjtnant Sung Kim

Unit Note: The unit was considered to be Veterans and had a Fanatical devotion to the Republic. The Battalion consists of solely Light and Medium BattleMechs. They would have a large quantity of Beowulf BattleMechs as part of its 3062 refitting.[17] By 3067, the unit would have maintained its loyalty and skill ratings from '62, and add some Clan Technology, and a large quantity of Star League upgrades to its equipment.[18]

4th Kavalleri Aerospace (Aerospace Fighter Company)

  • CO: Överste Marty Vercammen

Aerospace note: Consisting of light and medium fighters, they were considered to Regular in their skills and had a Reliable loyalty to the Republic in 3062.[19] By 3067, they would improve to experience rating to Regular skilled level while maintaining its loyalty rating. Company would have acquired some Clan technology and considerable amount of Star League upgrades.[20]

1st Al Hillah Lancers (Combat Vehicle Regiment)

  • CO: Överste Alexander Howanski

Heavy Armor Note: The Lancers were unskilled but reliable force in 3062.[21]

3rd Al Hillah Assault Infantry (Infantry Regiment)

  • CO: Överste Jay Sharov

Regiment Note: In 3062, the unit was still stationed on Al Hillah.[22] By 3067, the 4th Kavalleri's component forces would be mostly upgraded to mostly Star League level technology, while having some samples of Clan technology and few obsolete A rated equipment. While the Kavalleri's entire force strengths for 3067 would be at 100% fighting strength.[23]

Also See[edit]


As of this writing, the 4th Kavalleri's actions during the early years of the Jihad prior to their absorption into Clans Touman in 3072 are unknown.


Game Rules[edit]

When using Force Specific Rules found in the Field Manual: ComStar, the 4th Kavalleri suffers from sagging morale and lacks coordination due to their inexperience. The regiment would suffer a -1 to its initiative rolls.[24]


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