Ceres Arms Stalker Sniper Rifle

Ceres Arms Stalker Sniper Rifle


The Ceres Arms Stalker Sniper Rifle is a sniper rifle developed by the Capellan Confederation. It is Ceres Arms' newest sniper rifle, created to compete against the Zeus Heavy Rifle. While not very popular, the weapon is held in especially high regard by the Capellan Home Guard, which has thus far bought most of these weapons.[1]

As with most other Ceres small arms, it is a reliable firearm which breaks up easily for cleaning and maintaining of critical parts. It fires 12mm rounds and has an effective range of up to 1.5km, although a very experienced sniper is believed to be able to fire as far as 3km. The weapon's magazine holds 9 rounds and the built-in scope has light and infra-red modes in addition to it's standard function.[1]



Item: Stalker Sniper Rifle[1]
Equipment Rating: C/X-X-D/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 4B/4
Range: 60/180/420/1,500 meters
Shots: 9
Cost/Reload: 5,000/6
Affiliation: -
Mass/Reload: 9 kg/0.11 kg
Notes: Simple Action to chamber next round; Includes IR/Rangefinder scope (negates darkness modifiers, +2 to attack rolls at M/L/E, –1 to attack rolls at S)


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