Liao Commonality

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History & Description[edit]

The Liao Commonality (also known as the Sarna Commonality) is a political region of the Capellan Confederation. After being seized by the Federated Suns during the Fourth Succession War, it returned to Confederation control in 3057.[1]

Sun-Tzu Liao formally declared the creation of the Liao Commonality in 3061. He then stripped Sarna from the ranks of commonality capitals for its attempted secession to recreate the Sarna Supremacy after its liberation from the Federated Commonwealth.[1]

On 30 December 3145, the Chancellor declared that with the restoration of all Liao-claimed worlds was both destined and imminent. He declared the split the Liao Commonality, restoring the Tikonov Commonality and the Chesterton Commonality.[2] This formally returned the name of the region to the Sarna Commonality

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