Apple-Churchill Personal Mine Detector

Apple-Churchill Personal Mine Detector


The Apple-Churchill Personal Mine Detector is a special helmet-mounted device produced by Apple-Churchill for Capellan Confederation special forces. It is able to detect most land mines through the use of chemical sniffers, electromagnetic sensors and ground-penetrating radar, creating an audible warning sound and vibrating whenever such a device comes within range. Though it cannot pinpoint the exact location of a mine, the detector can nevertheless provide sufficient warning for the wearer to use caution going forward.[1]



Item: AC Mine Detector
Equipment Ratings: D/X-X-E/D
BAR (M/B/E/X): 3/3/4/2
Cost: 6800
Weight: 3.5kg
Affiliation: CC
Notes: Sensor Operations required; detects land mines at 3m; Command-Detonated Mines at 6m; all others at 2m



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