Command-Detonated Mine


Command-Detonated Mines are land mines which are detonated by radio signals from an operator rather than autonomously, meaning they cannot be accidentally detonated while being laid and allow for target discretion. While technically these mines can be detonated from any distance, even orbit, it is usually preferable to have forces in the area to ensure correct detonation; in addition, the operator must maintain line-of-sight with the mines in order to trigger them. Instead of triggering each individual mine, all mines within a given 25-meter area are detonated at once to completely saturate the location, although this also eliminates that section of the minefield.[1][2][3][4]


CBT Rules[edit]

Command-detonated mines are deployed following standard rules but are detonated during any point in the Turn Phase so long as a friendly unit has line-of-sight to an enemy unit occupying a mined hex; this includes after minesweeper engineers have entered the hex but before their controlling player has attempted to clear it. Damage is inflicted equal to the density of the mine field in that hex, with half of that value rounded down applied to the surrounding hexes.[5]


Item: Mine, Command-Detonated
Equipment Rating: C/B-B-B/E
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: (E)
Cost: 75
Mass: 600g
Notes: Will Not Detonate Unless Triggered by Friendly Unit with Working Comms.[6]


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