Bithinian Dirt Grinder

Bithinian Dirt Grinder
Creature information
Type Worm
Homeworld Bithinia
Environment Forest and Plains
Average mass 7 kg [1]
Average length ?
Average height ?
Creature stats
System A Time of War
STR 2[1]
BOD 2[1]
DEX 1[1]
RFL 1[1]
WIL 2[1]
EDG 1[1]
Traits Poor Vision (-3)
Good Hearing (+1)
Skills None[1]
Size Very Small (-2)[1]
Armor 0/0/0/0[1]
Attack 2M/2[1]


The Bithinian Dirt Grinder was a surprise to the early colonists of Bithinia when they found that their farmlands were being destroyed from underground. A larger version of the Terran earthworm, the dirt grinder spends most of its time burrowing through the land being able to break the soil down into smaller compounds at a rate of a meter per hour. Its mouth also has teeth that are able to break down small rocks that the dirt grinder encounters.[2]


The teeth of the dirt grinder are harvested for some people who sell them as a novelty item.[2]


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