Anthony Scroggins

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Anthony Scroggins
Occupation Artist

Best known for his detailed cover images, Anthony Scroggins is an freelance artist who has produced BattleTech art for Catalyst Game Labs.


Scroggins's first exposure to Battletech was via the MechWarrior 2 series, the universe solidifying into a major influence on his art with MechWarrior 4. He studied animation for two years at the Art Institute of Portland before leaving, bolstering his skill set with a few extra courses and self-study.

Scroggins' interest in BattleTech led him to contact Randall Bills to offer his artistic services around 2003-2004, but he openly admitted that his art was probably not at a suitable standard at the time. While unable to attract official work, Scroggins began to paint commissions for BattleTech fans in response to his fan works. He was finally contracted by CGL to produce the brand-new interior art for Experimental Technical Readout: Marik in 2011, producing a steady volume of official art as well as continuing to do commissioned fan-pieces.

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