34th Division (Word of Blake)

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34th Division
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3078
Nickname Purity of Honor
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia

The Thirty-fourth Division was a "hidden" militia unit of the Word of Blake. The unit, undersized when it first appeared, was known for its operations in Blake's Federated Suns, Capellan and later in the Periphery Military Theaters in the early stages of the Jihad.


Attacks in FedSuns[edit]

The 34th Division appeared in combat in 3069 when it committed its limited forces to the capture of FedSuns' world of Schedar, which the unit easily took due to its lack of defenses and nervous leaders whom had been isolated by the White-Out of the HPG Communication network. The two Level III units were able to secure the planet and began the training of its new Schedar Protectorate Militia force.[1]

Tikonov Invasion[edit]

In September of the same year, elements of the Purity of Honor joined with the 26th Division in process of conquering the Capellan held world of Tikonov. They help to isolate, then invade the planet. Purity of Honor and its sister unit met with stiff resistance, where fighting resulted the destruction of the HPG Station.[2] However, the Blakist forces were able to secure the planet despite continued resistance. The remainder of the Division arrived at Tikonov and the unit was shipped out with several mercenary units and transferred to the Periphery Military Theater.

Magistracy of Canopus Operations[edit]

The Thirty-fourth was a part of the invasion of Canopus in 3070. Local defenders such as Raventhir's Iron Hand were unable to stop the Division's occupation of the capital city of Crimson. The Thirty-fourth gained a reputation during their occupation for being a fierce fighting unit, but even with mercenary commands assisting them were unable to secure the planet. In April 3071, the Forty-first Shadow Division arrived to assist with the conquest of the Canopian capital city by setting it ablaze.[3] The resulting battle and ruin of the city included the killing of the Magistracy's leader, Magestrix Emma Centrella, and her leading general Senior General, Hadji Doru.[4] Their deaths helped the Thirty-fourth manage the situation as the previously-organized resistance was scattered.

When the Forty-first Shadow Division departed it left a Level III to assist with fighting against any further resistance. Attacks on the Thirty-fourth included an assault by Ramilie’s Raiders, led by the late Magestrix's husband, but the Forty-first was able to shatter the mercenary command.

In 3075, the Thirty-fourth used salvage from defeated enemies to rebuild. This allowed the Thirty-fourth to increase its own numbers to six Level III formations. However, the lack of food and other resources and other raids had caused its strength to wither.[5] A joint Capellan-Canopian task force arrived in early August, led by Naomi Centrella-Liao, and forced the Thirty-fourth to withdraw from Canopus to another Blakist-held Canopian world after a bitter struggle.[5][6][7] The attacking task force inflicted a heavy toll on the Thirty-fourth using Demolisher vehicles equipped with Arrow IV artillery systems; such was the level of success enjoyed as a result of properly-employed Arrow IV systems that the battles against the Thirty-fourth led to the Magistracy Armed Forces buying substantial quantities of Capellan Arrow IV systems in subsequent years. The Magistracy then went on to develop its own dedicated Arrow IV artillery vehicle - the aptly-named Arrow IV Assault Vehicle - during the Dark Age.[8]


The 34th was one of fourteen separate Militia Divisions to be destroyed on Terra in 3078.[9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 34th Division



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