Hadji Doru

Hadji Doru, ca. 3076
Hadji Doru
Character Profile
Born 2996[1]
Affiliation House Doru
Rank Senior General

Hadji Doru was a military officer and Taurian Concordat native who became Senior General of the Magistracy Armed Forces during the mid-thirty-first century.


Born in the Taurian Concordat, Doru spent the first four decades of his military career in the Taurian Defense Force. In 3025 he was a Subaltern commanding the Taurian Guard's Second Battalion.[1] [2]

Clan Invasion Era[edit]

By 3050 Doru had been promoted to Marshal and commanded the Taurian Guard. He had also emerged as the most outspoken opponent of Protector Thomas Calderon, whose paranoia about an "inevitable" invasion by the Federated Commonwealth was badly hurting the Concordat's economy and military preparedness against pirates. Instead of planning for confrontation, Doru advocated building economic and diplomatic ties with the superstate as a way to avoid invasion.[3] Throughout the early 3050s Doru and Thomas' son Jeffrey continued to build support against the Protector's inefficient and harsh rule. Matters came to a head in early 3055 when Thomas Calderon responded to government members' criticism by ordering Doru to have them arrested; instead Doru had his Taurian Guard place the Protector in custody and then helped persuade Jeffrey Calderon to claim the Protectorship from his father.[4] [1]

Civil War Era[edit]

Refusing an offered post as Minister of Defense, Doru instead resigned his commission rather than risk attracting political opponents of the new government. He departed the Concordat and wandered the Inner Sphere for a few years before becoming involved in Operation BULLDOG. There he met Danai Centrella, who, before her death in combat during the Great Refusal, managed to persuade both Doru and her mother, Magestrix Emma Centrella, that he was the leader the MAF needed. In the years prior to the Jihad Doru set about bolstering the Magistracy's armed forces with a combination of technological upgrades (via the Trinity Alliance) and ensuring that competent leaders attained more influence.[4] [1]


Doru's reforms could not prevent the Word of Blake from occupying Canopus and capturing him during the Jihad. Freed by Ramilie's Raiders in August 3071, he set about leading his nation's counterstrike against the Blakists. Despite his advanced age Doru was still serving as the MAF's leader in 3085, though he was intent on retirement as soon as his successor was named.[1] [5] [6]


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