26th Division (Word of Blake)

26th Division (Word of Blake).jpg
26th Division (IV-epsilon)
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3078
Nickname Immortal Sanctuary
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia

The Twenty-sixth Division was a "hidden" Word of Blake Militia unit which existence was revealed when the Jihad broke out. The unit was noted for the raids it conducted in the Periphery.


First Appearance[edit]

The Division's first recorded appearance was in September of 3069, when it captured the defenseless world of Mirach. Elements of the unit, at same time assisted in the capture of the Liao held world of Tikonov.

Raids in the Periphery[edit]

The unit and along with other Divisions were redeployed to the periphery. Where it was based on the Taurian Concordat world of Regis Roost. The unit was reported in conducting supply raids into Fronc Reaches and Capellan Confederation's border. The unit at this time was noted being least damaged in war at this time.

Invasion of Terra[edit]

When the Coalition forces of Operation SCOUR invaded Terra they found that the Twenty-Sixth Division was guarding the Sydney Australia Castle Brian.[1] Along with the survivors of the Seventh Division the Twenty-Sixth held onto their base under Botany Bay outside Sydney until the Coalition collapsed several tunnels into the facility. This allowed the Pacific Ocean to flood the facility and forced many of the defenders out of their positions.[2] The survivors detonated several nuclear weapons, destroying several Coalition DropShips, but after holding out for a few weeks, they contacted the Coalition commander to surrender.[3] The 26th was one of fourteen separate Militia Divisions to be destroyed on Terra in 3078.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 26th Division
Precentor Jordan Kane 3078[5]


The 26th Division was trained in raiding, quick strikes and quick withdrawals.[6]


  • Unknown


Game Rules[edit]

The unit is trained to operate as a raiding force. The unit suffers negative modifier to its initiative when it is the defender. When it's the attacker, it gains use of the Off-Map Movement ability and its piloting when running, jumping, flanking, or max thrust is reduced.[7]


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