Dark Age: Touring the Stars (3130)

This article is about the LinkNet section later offered as a PDF download. For the distinct EPUB microproduct series, see Touring the Stars (series).
Touring the Stars
Product information
Type Sourcebook (compiled from website)/(PDF)
Author Herb Beas
Pages 105
Publication information
Publisher WizKids,
Catalyst Game Labs
First published 2003
Era Dark Age
Timeline 3130
Series MechWarrior: Dark Age Website

Touring the Stars is a series of short entries describing the various factions that reside in the Inner Sphere. It was written by Herb Beas and originally posted to the official website for the MechWarrior: Dark Age game. When Topps, Inc. discontinued the MWDA game and took the website down, Catalyst Game Labs began to host the entries, assembled in one PDF document initially named Dark Age: Touring the Stars (3130) and later, after the main BattleTech website was moved and the download section altered, simply DA Touring the Stars.

The document should not be confused with the "Touring the Stars" series of PDF-only microproducts by CGL that detail individual star systems in the BattleTech universe, nor the LinkNet Atlas section that was similarly later offered as a PDF download under the title Dark Age: Republic Worlds (3130).

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