Zanzibar 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates119.667 : -364.786[e]
Spectral classG2V[1]
Recharge time183 hours[1]
Recharge station(s)Zenith[1]

The Zanzibar system was the location of at least one habitable world, Zanzibar III, and as of 3145 was located in the Victoria Commonality of the Capellan Confederation.

System Description[edit]

The Zanzibar system is located near the Bergtatt and Alexandria systems[2][3] and has a class G2V primary orbited by at least three planets. During the thirty-first century a recharge station was located at the zenith jump point.[1]

System History[edit]

The Zanzibar system was colonized during or shortly after the First Exodus from Terra and when the Capellan Confederation formed in 2366 Zanzibar was already a part of the Taurian Concordat.[4]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Zanzibar III[edit]

Zanzibar III
System position3[1]
Jump Point distance9.12 days[1]
Moons1 (Pemba)[1]
Surface gravity1.00[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature38°C (Arid-Tropical)[1]
Surface water44%[1]
Highest native lifeMammals[1]
History and Culture
Population1,549,000,000 (3025, apocryphal)[44]
2,763,000,000 (3079)[1]
Government and Infrastructure
HPG RepresentativeB[1]

Zanzibar III - more commonly referred to simply as Zanzibar - is the third planet in the Zanzibar system and has a single moon named Pemba.[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

Originally settled by the Taurian Concordat, Zanzibar became the target of aggression from the Capellan Confederation, which was expanding in search of additional planets. Despite being Taurian colonies, Zanzibar and several other worlds were targeted by Chancellor Kurnath Liao, who resolved to push the Taurians out of "Capellan holdings." The resulting military campaign ran from 2397 to 2422, began with clashes between the Capellan and Taurian navies and ended with the capture of three Taurian worlds, including Zanzibar. In contrast with the sporadic raids inflicted upon Taurian worlds by the Federated Suns, the Capellan attacks were staged with a degree of savagery the Concordat hadn't encountered before; cruelty to prisoners and the outright massacre of Taurian civilians were commonplace events.[5]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

The planet came under attack in 3029 by Wylie's Coyotes who completely crushed Bullard's Armored Cavalry stationed there at the time, but the Mercenary group left shortly after their victory.[45]

The Jihad[edit]

Zanzibar was the location of a Duchy RTC which trains unarmored infantry and vehicle crews; the RTC was stationed on the Khane continent.[1]

The Victoria War[edit]

Duchess Amanda Hasek sought a number of worlds, including Zanzibar, in her plans for the invasion referred to as the Victoria War.[46] The invasion was kicked off on 7 September, 3103, when Hasek's forces arrived via pirate point.[47] The Third Federated Suns Lancers, Second Syrtis Fusiliers, and Pharaoh’s Arrows simultaneously dropped, with the 3rd and the Arrows assigned to take the capital city of Wete and its HPG; the objective was taken in under two hours. The 2nd moved on the Duchy Regional Training Center in the coastal city Gaskyl, on the northern continent of Khani. The student body, comprising a tank company and an infantry battalion, refused to capitulate and died en masse.[40]

Daoshen Liao's Canopian allies arrived in the Zanzibar system on 21 February 3104, striking the defending Sirdar Capellan March Militia with two regiments, the First Canopian Fusiliers and Second Canopian Cuirassiers. Though the attackers outnumbered the defenders, the Sirdar CMM employed effective combined-arms tactics and held off the Canopians. However, the weakened Kingston's Rangers arrived on 15 March, forcing the withdrawal of no more than 60% of the CMM's original contingent in the first week of April, when AFFS JumpShips arrived. The CMM escaped into the "wilderness".[48][49]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Twelfth Sian Dragoons[51]



  • Bullard's Armored Cavalry[53]


  • Bullard's Armored Cavalry[54]



- At this point in time, Kingston's Rangers were deployed across Yuris, Zanzibar, and Rollis. The Rangers were at 75% of full strength, with 90% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


- At this point in time, the unit was at 70% of full strength with an "F" equipment rating.


Zanzibar has two continents named Khane and Stone.[1]

Apocryphal Content Starts

The information after this notice comes from apocryphal sources; the canonicity of such information is uncertain.
Please view the reference page for information regarding their canonicity.

The database of the (apocryphal) 1989 video game MechWarrior, set around the year 3025, gives a population of 1.549 billion for Zanzibar and describes the environment as "desert" (out of only three broad impressions of planetary environments given in the game, these being "desert," "ice," and "tropical"). The description one-liner reads "Famous black market - anything can be bought here."

Apocryphal Content Ends

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Gaskyl: A city.[40]
  • Wete: the planetary capital city, located on Stone.[1]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 60 systems (58 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Bergtatt 10.5 Alexandria 12.4 Maldive 18.4 Kazu 18.6
Corodiz 19.0 Kern 20.3 Jacson 20.4 Yuris 20.7
Weitinger 21.5 Muridox 21.8 Valdives 21.9 Non Diz 27.7
Larsha 28.5 Sindalin 30.0 Victoria 31.6 Frazer 32.7
Mendham 34.5 Rollis 36.0 Pojos 36.8 Quimberton 36.8
Horsham 37.0 Zangul 37.7 Merdal 38.0 Mitchel 38.1
Daol 40.1 Gardnaus 40.6 Ichlangis 40.6 Lochmantle 41.5
Bromhead 42.0 Laconis 42.9 Menke 44.6 Enkra 45.9
Vard 46.5 Glentworth 47.5 Bringdam 47.9 Columbine 48.5
Brisbane 49.0 Brinton 49.1 Midthun 49.2 Merlin 50.6
Fjaldr 50.7 Mazdru 51.0 Braum 51.7 Egress 52.0
Hurik 52.4 Lucknow 54.2 Umgard 54.5 New Vandenburg 54.6
MacLeod's Land 54.6 Hansii 55.5 Sirdar 55.8 Yongd 56.2
Robsart 56.8 Shaunavon 57.9 Courcellete 58.3 Mechdur 59.0
Ryans Fate 59.6 Pinard 59.6 Cavalor 63.0 Madras 63.1


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