Hikage logo.png
Formed 3148
Nickname "Dragon's Shadow"[1]
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command DCMS

Established by Coordinator Yori Kurita as a mobile force of elite soldiers, the Hikage (or "Dragon's Shadow") were first declared operational in June 3148. Serving directly under Gunji-no-Kanrei Matsuhari Toranaga, the regiment has fought as his spearhead in recent operations against the Federated Suns and the Republic of the Sphere.


In waging Operation PERCEVAL, a series of hit-and-run raids against the Combine's supply lines, the AFFS inflicted considerable damage upon DCMS garrisons and supply bases. The losses suffered were grave enough that Kanrei Toranaga petitioned the Coordinator each month from January to May 3148 to raise more troops to counter the raids and solidify the Combine's hold on the Dragon's Tongue. Each month Yori refused, and in May bade him to speak no more on the matter.[2]

When Toranaga arrived on Luthien a month later, Yori summoned him to the parade grounds near the palace. Awaiting the Kanrei was a full combined-arms regiment of BattleMechs, tanks and infantry. Each soldier was trained by DEST and sported the latest equipment from Luthien Armor Works. Having raised the regiment in secret without the Kanrei's knowledge, Yori presented the unit to Toranaga as a gift for his service to the Combine, and to answer his requirement for more troops. While Toranaga was pleased with the regiment itself, a highly mobile formation that could counter the border raids plaguing the DCMS' front lines, the manner of its founding also made him privately furious at this sign that Yori Kurita was no longer his pliant protégée.[2] [1]

Task Force Tsujigiri[edit]

Kanrei Toranaga swiftly put the new regiment to use, making it the core unit of Task Force Tsujigiri. This force was directed to curb the PERCEVAL raids by hitting their source: the AFFS' staging base on Remagen. Jumping to a pirate point in the Remagen system, the Hikage attempted to destroy the enemy base and kill or capture Prince's Champion Erik Sandoval-Groell. While the Hikage ultimately failed to accomplish either objective, they fought well enough and inflicted enough damage to satisfy Toranaga. After undergoing rest and repairs, the Hikage were transferred to the Draconis March border to deter future raids.[3]

Operation TIAMAT[edit]

Following the establishment of the Unity Pact between the Combine and the Capellan Confederation, and the resulting joint campaign against the Federated Suns and the Republic of the Sphere, the Hikage served as a key unit in the DCMS' portion of Operation TIAMAT. In TIAMAT's first wave, the Hikage secured Ingress after three weeks of fighting.[4]

Operation CLARITY[edit]

The Hikage remained on Ingress until November 3150. As the Combine and Capellan Confederation had signed the Unity Pact, on his own initiative, after receiving a Capellan call for help, Sho-sho Ikeda ordered his regiment and the Fourth Dieron Regulars to Northwind, where a CCAF invasion force was struggling against the RAF defenders. While Ikeda and his Capellan counterpart, Sang-shao Lindsey Baxter, maintained civil relations at first, between Ikeda keeping his force in orbit against her wishes and Republic misinformation Baxter came to believe that her 'allies' were merely waiting to seize the spoils from a weakened victor. As a result, Capellan fighters attacked the Combine DropShips, damaging several badly enough to require emergency landings. Furious at this betrayal, Ikeda took the Hikage towards Tara.[5]

Reaching the city on 9 December, the Hikage ignored the Republic troops and effectively aided them in driving the Capellans from Tara. During the battle, Northwind's HPG, the objective of all sides, was seemingly destroyed, and with its loss the Hikage withdrew from Northwind. Rather than secure a valuable prize for the Combine, the Hikage's intervention had instead resulted in a death blow to the alliance between the Confederation and the Combine.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Hikage
Sho-sho Hisao Ikeda 3148 - 3150[7]


Composed of former DEST operatives or DEST-educated MechWarriors, the Hikage have shown both efficiency in prosecuting their orders and unorthodox tactics. Units down to lance level are granted a great deal of freedom to accomplish their objectives as they see fit.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Hikage (Elite/Fanatical)[1]

  • CO: Sho-sho Hisao Ikeda

The Hikage contains one heavy reinforced 'Mech regiment, and is supported by one heavy aerospace wing, one battle armor battalion, one medium vehicle regiment, and one artillery company.[1]


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