Buena Collective

Buena Collective
State Profile
Founding Year 3146
Dissolution year: 3148
Capital world: Buena
Controlled system(s): 10
Head of State Warlord

The Buena Collective was a short-lived microstate formed on 7 July 3146 by the secession of Buena and a few neighboring worlds under the rule of Warlord Diego Widmer, formerly an LCAF General and Margrave of Timbuktu Theater. The breakaway nation lasted for only two years before Widmer's rebellion was ended by the LCAF and the Collective's worlds were reclaimed by the Lyran Commonwealth.


After a number of Buena Province worlds were conquered by the Free Worlds League in early 3146, General Diego Widmer gave a public speech on 7 July in which he lambasted Archon Trillian Steiner's leadership and announced the secession of Buena under his protection. Claiming Valloire and his homeworld of Ayacucho, Widmer also invited other nearby systems to join his new Buena Collective. None initially took up his offer, but the seizure of Loburg and its arms factories by Collective troops in July, and reports of Clan Jade Falcon victories in the Arc-Royal Theater in September, convinced many fearful worlds to join the Collective. Urjala was a notable exception, as the Florida Timbuktu Theater Militia, still loyal to the Commonwealth, deposed the secessionist government there.[1]

Despite this setback, Widmer's Buena Collective had expanded by December 3146 to include a total of ten worlds, with Widmer seeking to expand his realm even further as the Archon's power in the region waned.[1]

During the first half of 3147 Archon Steiner seemingly ignored the new secessionist state, until on 6 June Valloire and Ayacucho were both attacked by the LCAF. While the former fell swiftly, the Collective troops defending Widmer's homeworld managed to force a stalemate that lasted into the next year. The Archon also publicly announced her intention to destroy Widmer's rebel nation.[2]

By early January 3148 antigovernment sentiment within the Collective rose sharply, with riots and propaganda campaigns erupting on key Collective worlds. The stalemate on Ayacucho was broken with the arrival of Task Force Kingbreaker, an LCAF force specifically created to end Widmer's treason. Following this defeat, Widmer assembled his entire military on Buena itself to contest the inevitable Lyran assault and sent an appeal for aid to Duke Vedet Brewer, whom Widmer had given asylum to following his deposition as Archon. Instead of sending his First Hesperus Guards to assist his former benefactor, Brewer merely suggested that Widmer have an exit strategy.[3]

On 24 January Kingbreaker's units began landing across Buena. After six days of fighting over the planetary capital and the War College of Buena, Widmer was captured and the Collective's armed forces were vanquished. Amnesty was granted to all rebel forces who surrendered or had been forced to serve unwillingly, but Widmer was executed for treason two months later. The Buena Collective's short existence as an independent state ended with his downfall, although unrest lingered across its former member-worlds.[3] [4]


As a self-styled "Warlord", Diego Widmer ruled the Buena Collective as his personal fiefdom.[1]


During its short existence the Buena Collective Military was staffed by a mixture of Warlord Widmer's loyal followers and conscripts. Many of the latter were unwilling draftees who switched sides and joined the LCAF when given the chance.[5]

Units of the Buena Collective Military[edit]


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