Buena Province


Originally a subdivision of the District of Donegal, the rimward and anti-spinward region of the Lyran Commonwealth was named the Alarion Province as early as the Age of War.[1] Since the Jihad, the seat of the province has passed between several different worlds. It has historically been among the less-developed regions of the Commonwealth.[2]


Star League[edit]

Fierce fighting near Bolan in the late Age of War ultimately resulted in the Free Worlds League controlling a region known as the Bolan Thumb, a salient of space that reached far into Alarion Province and left almost all its worlds within striking distance. By the late Star League era, the region was considered to be a volatile one and LXIX Corps of the SLDF was on-station to monitor for any action by either side.

Succession Wars[edit]

Neutralizing the Bolan Thumb and the threat it posed to Alarion Province was the goal of Operation ELBOW JOINT, the first military campaign of the First Succession War.[3] Though the campaign was ultimately a success, the continual escalation of violence over the span of the campaign would set the tone for wars to come.[4]

Though not avoiding the damage of the First Succession War, Alarion was one of the regions that fared comparatively better. As its borders were with the Free Worlds League and Periphery, it did not face the same level of damage as the Isle of Skye or Tamar Pact. Additionally, the Port Sydney Naval Shipyards above Alarion were the Commonwealth's last remaining major shipyard.[5]

Alarion Province was not safe forever, however. The ill-advised policy of "concentrated weakness" conceived by Alessandro Steiner led to serious damage in the region in 3006, as Free Worlds forces saw inner worlds being denuded of forces and took advantage. Rioting began to break out in worlds along the Marik border, calling for the replacement of the Archon.[6]

The region received a major investment from the Commonwealth government in 3020, when the War College of Buena opened. The school trained MechWarriors but quickly gained a reputation for producing top-notch technicians[7]

At the end of the Third Succession War, Alarion Province was commonly grouped together with its neighbor, Coventry, as underdeveloped and underpopulated but rich with potential. Local government was often characterized by a looser and more free-wheeling style than the LCCS. Unlike their other neighbor, Bolan Province, the people of Alarion were largely in favor of negotiating for peace with House Marik.[8]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Considered a "safe" region in the wake of the Clan Invasion, Alarion benefited from two major investments in the 3050s: the expansion of Alarion's shipyards to produce WarShips[9] and massive investment into the War College of Buena, expanding its curriculum to include fighter pilots and leading it to become one of the largest academies in Lyran space.[10] The school's Buena Training Battalion also bolstered local defenses with their live-fire anti-pirate missions.[11]


The province was renamed after the former capital was rendered uninhabitable by the Jihad in April 3069.[12][13] The seat of the province was moved to Buena, with the province being renamed Buena Province.

Dark Age and ilClan[edit]

Archon Trillian Steiner removed Buena as the provincial capital following Diego Widmer's formation of the Buena Collective, resulting in the province becoming the York Province.[14] By June 3152, the provincial capital had been relocated to Bolan, creating a new Bolan Province that was geographically distinct from the prior province of the same name.[15]

Systems of Note[edit]






Commander: Hauptmann-General Mark Kostic

Aide: Leutnant-General Fay Nichols[19]


Commander: Hauptmann General Fay Nichols

Aide: Leftenant General Michael Sanchez[20]


Commander: Hauptmann-General Peter Zenger

Aide: Leutnant-General Fay Nichols[21]


Commander: Hauptmann-General Peter Zenger

Aide: Leutnant-General Fay Nichols[22]


Commander: Hauptmann-General Lucius Gordon

Aide: Leutnant-General Susan Patterson III[23]


Commander: Hauptmann-General Martha Steiner

Aide: Leutnant-General Larry Bolin[24]


Margrave: Detlev Hauerr[25]


Pre–Federated Commonwealth Maps of the Province[edit]

Post Federated Commonwealth Maps of the Province[edit]

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