Band of the Damned

Band of the Damned logo.png
Vance Rezak's Band of the Damned
Formed 3042[1]
Nickname The Damned
Affiliation Pirate
Parent Command Independent

The Band of the Damned was a spinward-based Periphery pirate band.

Unit Colors[edit]

The unit uses the Draconis Combine's 1st Sword of Light Regimental color scheme. This was intended as an insult to Draconis Combine due to actions committed to some the unit's members from its early days.[2]

Unit Emblem[edit]

The unit adopted the Damned's Vance Rezak personal insignia as their own unit emblem. The emblem is a black "V" set over a burning fire, with a golden disk behind it.


Early Years[edit]

They first appeared in 3042, where the Damned raided in Draconis Combine world of Hongor. In this first known raid, the Band had stolen a fortune of platinum. This marked the beginning of a series of successful raids by the Damned in Combine and Outworlds Alliance. After stealing grain from Kokpekty in 3048, the DCMS dispatched the second battalion of the 7th Pesht Regulars to hunt down and destroy the Damned. Later information showed that Damned was working with 7th Pesht's commanding officer, Tai-sa Kurtis Benzinger[3][4] The Damned's inside man made certain to dispatch a poorly equipped and undertrained battalion to come for them. The 2nd Battalion's commander Sho-sa Vance Rezak had his unit chase down the Pirates through the Draconis Rift for several months until they cornered the Damned. On the planet, the two sides fought a fierce two week battle, which inflicted severe damage to both sides. During the course of the fight, members of the Damned sabotaged the 7th Pesht's JumpShip. Sho-sa Rezak then ordered his forces into defensive positions, and broadcast a call for reinforcements. However, after month of fighting, no reinforcements had arrived to help the Regulars fight the Damned. With supplies running low, Rezak ordered an all-out assault on the Damned.[5] The assault went successfully, and Rezak defeated the Damned's leader. In a twist, being fed up with the betrayals of the Combine, he declares himself as leader of the Damned and integrates his survivors among the Damned's numbers.[6]

Under the leadership of Vance Rezak[edit]

After taking command of the Damned, he declared war on Draconis Combine for their betrayal of him and his unit. The Band began a series of vicious raids into the Combine of the first couple years after Rezak took command. The Band's raids reaped everything including slaves and brought them to market on the Periphery world of Antallos. The planet's city-state, Port Krin, became the Damned's base of operations. Fortunes that the Damned had reaped, allowed Rezak to establish number of estates there. Over the course of the years, the Damned secretly expanded its operation to a barely inhabitable Coreward world, which they named the Rezak's Hole. There they created a staging base with repair facilities to allow better penetration of the Combine's unprotected border. The Band of the Damned went through extensive efforts to keep their secret activities hidden from other interested factions. Also, Rezak had created network of spies, in both the Draconis Combine and the Outworlds Alliance to monitor activities.[7]

The Band of the Damned were raiding the Combine world of Korramabad, which was locked in a civil war for several months. While the Band of the Damned raided both sides involved in the conflict, the pirates seemed particularly drawn by the local industry producing industrial-grade diamonds, and attacks favored whichever faction controlled the industry.[8]

The Band raided systems around the perimeter of the Outworlds Alliance in 3048. They landed on Helland to distribute their loot, and were attacked by the Thermo Police.[9] The Thermo Police were able to save multiple captives and some of the pirates took the opportunity to defect from the pirate band.[10]

On Antallos, by 3055 the Damned began to have clashes with a rogue AFFC mercenary command known as Vinson's Vigilantes. The mercenaries had become the adopted guardians' city-states of Antallos. The Damned had continued to grow in power on Antallos despite having several more clashes with the Vigilantes as of 3063. The unit had captured a company's worth of Combine OmniMechs, and had outfitted a lance's worth with Clan technology. The band had been keep in equipment in top condition and been commented that best support in the Periphery.[11] The unit has also expanded to include an aerospace squadron and two battalions' worth of Armored Combat Vehicles. Rezek had developed a secret partnership with the Word of Blake, which had one of its agents become imbedded with the force as its second in command, a man known as "Dicky" Smith. In 3064, the Unit suffered a setback when elements of Clan Snow Raven discovered Rezak's Hole and wiped out Damned garrison forces including; company's worth of BattleMechs, battalion of armor assets, an aerospace squadron, and 2 companies' worth of the Blake's troops hidden on planet. The bases with all its forces were destroying base and all its assets. This forced them to set up operations on Port Krin, where rogue Vigilantes had finally succumbed to infighting, joined the Damned in force.[12]

In 3067 the Band raided Prinis Prime, attracting the Ravens' attention once again. The Ravens attacked Antallos in force, and by the end of November the Band of the Damned had been destroyed and Antallos was firmly under Raven control.[13]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Band of the Damned
Pirate King Vance Rezak 3049 - 3067[14][15]


The Band's second in command during the 3067 fighting was Jebidiah Smith.[15]


As of 3063, The Pirate King would lure with the Band of the Damned armor and miscellaneous assets, and position an enemy force within strike range. He would then Flank the enemy force's causing catastrophic damage until the enemy was removed from the area.[16]

Composition History[edit]


  • Band of the Damned - (BattleMech Battalion/Regular)
- While raiding Korramabad in 3055, the Band of the Damned was determined to be a heavy battalion, backed up by two lances of heavy aerospace fighters, a company of light armor, and two foot rifle companies. Ten percent of the units were using upgraded equipment at this point.[8]


  • Band of the Damned - (BattleMech Battalion) - Regular Skilled - CO: Vance Rezak[17]


  • Band of the Damned - (BattleMech Battalion) - Elite Skilled - CO: Vance Rezak
  • Dark Angels (aerospace fighter squadron) - Regular Skilled - CO: Wing Commander "Smack" Krezejski
  • Band of the Damned (2 x Armor Vehicle Battalions) - Regular Skilled - CO: Rudolph Callatano


  • Band of the Damned - (Regiment)[18] The unit's first battalion is an Elite command, while the other two battalions held Veteran status.[15]


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