Dietr Osis

Dietr Osis
Character Profile
Died October 3050
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Profession Galaxy Commander


Galaxy Commander Dietr Osis commanded Beta Galaxy during the opening stages of Operation REVIVAL. He successfully challenged Cordera Perez for command after the destruction of Edo City on Turtle Bay in March 3050.[1]

He oversaw Beta's actions during the second, third and fourth waves until he led his Galaxy into a trap in the swamps of the planet Wolcott in October 3050. Hit-and-run strikes as well as long-range fire from the Genyosha slowly whittled away the Clan troops until Osis was forced to surrender. He accepted a batchall issued by Hohiro Kurita, promising that his Clan would not invade Wolcott again and several OmniMechs and Elemental suits if they defeated their forces in the Battle of Wolcott.[2][3]

The Jaguar forces fell into a well-prepared ambush and suffered heavy casualties, forcing Osis to admit defeat. True to his word, Osis handed over four OmniMechs and two dozen Elemental suits to the Kuritans and asked that the rest of his warriors be allowed to leave, to which Hohiro agreed. Standing atop the head of his Stormcrow Osis then offered himself as a servant to the Combine forces, who refused, likely because they didn't understand his offer. Instead, they believed he was asking to commit seppuku. His last words were praying to the defenders to prevent the rest of the Jaguars "killing his children", probably meaning the execution of his sibko descendants. Then, one of the Jaguar Elementals executed him for his failure. The Galaxy Commander's headless body was last seen tumbling into the murky swamp waters, whereupon various lizards began to converge on his resting place. After killing Osis, his executioner asked the Combine leaders if they wished for the termination of Osis' genetic line, to which a horrified Hohiro Kurita answered emphatically in the negative.


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