Shortcut Defined[edit]

Shortcuts are used as a means of linking quickly, and utilizing a bare minimum amount of space, to a page with a lengthy title (ex: BattleTechWiki:Project BattleMechs, abbreviated as BTW:PBM).

Create Shortcut[edit]

  1. Create a page named as that shortcut (ex: BTW:PBM) to represent the target page (ex: BattleTechWiki:Project BattleMechs) as an abbreviation.
  2. On the new page, add a redirect to the target page by inserting the code #REDIRECT [[article name]], changing 'article name' to that of the target's name.
  3. Save the new page.

Create Shortcut Box[edit]

  1. On the target page, insert the code {{shortcut|[[redirect page]]}}, replacing 'redirect page' with that of the new page. The result will be a small box placed in the top right corner of the original page.


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