2nd Republican Guards

Republican Guards 2nd logo.png
The Second Republicans
Formed 3029
Disbanded 3063 (disbanded)
Nickname The Scrappers
Affiliation Lyran Alliance
Federated Commonwealth (previous)
Tikonov Free Republic (previous)
Parent Command Tikonov Republican Guards


Formation and Fourth Succession War[edit]

Formed in the fires of the Fourth Succession War, the unit was the second regiment to be formed from Capellan units defecting to the new (short-lived) Tikonov Free Republic. Taking the survivors of the Stapleton's Iron Hand, Kerr's Intruders, and Trimaldi's Secutors, they were deployed with the 1st Republicans as part of the invasion of Procyon in 3029. Due to its quick formation, the unit members had seldom any time to train as a regiment. It faced off against the Second Sirian Lancers and Procyon Militia, emerging victorious under the command of Lord Colonel Pavel Ridzik.[1]

In Service of the Federated Commonwealth[edit]

After the death of Lord Ridzik, Tikonov's forces were absorbed along with the Republic into the Federated Commonwealth. The unit undertook an intense two-year training cycle, where its disparate parts came together as a true fighting force. The force was assigned to garrison the world of Wasat, replacing its sister unit, the 3rd Republicans. During the mid-3030s, the unit conducted a series of raids against the Free Worlds League. It struck during a time political leaders were squabbling for control of the League. The 2nd struck at worlds like Connaught, Irian, and Alphard. In 3035 the Third Republican raided the Nestor system while the Free Worlds League was distracted by the Andurien Secession.[2]

After the end of the Andurien War, the League began to protect its forces from raids. In 3044, the 2nd Republicans with the 1st Lyran Regulars, conducted a raid on Connaught. The Regulars missed their Landing Zone, leaving the Second facing two mixed 'Mech and Armor regiments, which were confronting them from all sides of their drop zone. Fortunately, the unit was able to outmaneuver the Connaught forces. However, this episode left the 2nd Republican with bad feelings towards the 1st Lyran Regulars.

The 2nd Republicans were stationed on Wasat, when the 13th Marik Militia and the 2nd Sirian Lancers attacked as part of Operation Guerrero. The Free Worlds League-Capellan invasion left the 2nd on its own, as it conducted a running battle against the pursuing League regiments. In the course of the running battle, Lt. General Babbitt was killed, leaving command to then Kommandant Suzie Foster. After two weeks trying to hold out for AFFC reinforcements, the unit surrendered the planet to Marik forces and withdrew from their homeworld.[3]

In Service of the Lyran Alliance & FedCom Civil War[edit]

The unit along with other Tikonov commands joined the ranks of the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces and was reassigned to Algol. Kommandant Foster, was promoted to Lt. General and made official commanding officer of the unit.[4] The unit had lost half of its people and equipment after the fight on Wasat. The command logistic section became known for its trades of 'Mechs and equipment for upgrades and other needed supplies. As time passed, the unit became a unit loyal to Archon-Princess Katrina Steiner-Davion.

FedCom Civil War - Flash Point[edit]

In 21st December, 3062, beginning concerned after announcement of Prince Davion's brother's death. Lt. General Foster decided to order an attack on its fellow garrison regiment, the non-aligned 12th Vegan Rangers' Gamma Regiment. The Gamma was in the midst of preparing to leave Algol, not wanting to fight the 2nd made it clear it didn't want to. Ignoring calls from the Gamma, 2nd struck hard against the 12th's encampment in the city of Debeline. Both units fought a ferocious battle for two days, leveling half of the city in the process. The 2nd Republicans were unable to overrun the Rangers' position's Gamma's heavy Armor assets. After it became clear that the Rangers were dug-in and had fortified their position, the Republicans pulled back to their base in Algol City. During the withdrawal, under cover of the Republicans' aerospace assets, the 2nd managed to take large quantities of spare parts from the ruined city.

The Lt. General Foster launched a second attack on the 27th of December, attempting to drop her forces directly into the city. However, they were intercepted by the 12th Vegan Rangers' aerospace wing while the 2nd Republican's DropShips and aerospace assets fought it out with Rangers' wing of fighters. A testament to the Rangers' aerospace pilots' skills, only a single DropShip managed to drop its forces into the now besieged city.

Over the New Year, the fighting had created a refugee problem, where wasn't until the 20th January, 3063 did the 2nd Republicans manage get problem under control. The Rangers, under cover of their Aerospace fighters, struck at a number of military targets from their base in Debeline. The Rangers dropped on a number of ammunition and parts depots all over the planet.

Foster pushed her Republican troops to push through Gamma's battle lines and broke the Rangers down into smaller units to fight. Debeline was rapidly being reduced to rubble, but the Rangers pushed the 2nd Republicans out of the city.

By the 22nd, Republicans kept executing probing attacks, while Foster had the bulk of the 2nd Republicans push for the Debeline Spaceport. As Foster's force begun to push the mercenaries from the port, this forced the mercenaries to launch their Aerospace assets to safety. The Rangers in their retreat detonated the fuel tanks in the port. The explosions of the tanks destroyed lance worth of Foster's troops and also made sure the fuel couldn't be used against the retreating mercenaries.

On the 26th, the 2nd Republican returned to Debeline and drove with ferocity towards the mercenaries' lone DropShip that was on the pad near Grain Process plant. The weather had turned in the Republican's favor, with harsh rainstorm 2nd Republicans stormed the processing plant. However, the battle ended in a stray PPC shot that struck a grain silo, the devastation was inflicted on both sides in the ensuing massive explosion. With half her force destroyed, Foster ordered the Republicans to withdraw back to Algol City. There she received word from the 3rd Republican's commander Leftenant General Karl Lopiz, that they would arrive to reinforce her by February. Lt. General Foster reined in her attacks to have units take defensive position until the Third's arrival.[5]

FedCom Civil War - Wave One & Destruction[edit]

In early February, the 12th Vegan Rangers' Beta Regiment and 3rd Republicans regiment arrived, but were unable to break the stalemate in the fighting. The fighting for the Republican's loyalist tipped slightly in their favor when the 15th Deneb Light Cavalry arrived later in the month. Unfortunately for the 2nd and its sister regiment, elements of the 5th Crucis Lancers had arrived ahead of their reinforcements and with combined of two mercenary regiments struck at the 2nd Republican's base in Algol City. The resulting battle of Algol City forced the Republicans out of the city, with hundred of BattleMechs destroyed in the fighting. The Republican's DropShips extracted the majority of the survivors from the city, while some managed to get to a landing zone at the city of Remagen.

The Second Republicans, through these brutal attacks of the 5th Crucis Lancers, and 12th Vegan's Beta and Gamma assault against the city, destroyed the unit almost entirely. Surviving the brutal fighting, General Foster had the 2nd Republican's survivors merge with the 3rd Republicans.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Republican Guards
Leutnant-General Lyman Babbitt 3050[7][8] - 3058[3]
Leutnant-General Suzie Foster 3058[3] - 3063[6]


The unit was trained in planetary assaults, raiding, and small-unit operations.

Composition History[edit]


2nd Republican (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[9]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Wasat.[9]


2nd Republican (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable) [10]

  • CO: Leftenant General Lyman Babbitt [10]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Wasat. [10]


2nd Republican (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable) [8]

  • CO: Leftenant General Lyman Babbitt [8]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Wasat. [8]


2nd Republican ('Mech Regiment)


Game Rules[edit]

The 2nd Republican game abilities includes if the force is fielding less than 8 units on the map/field in any given turn, the unit gains +2 to its initiative. Their ability skilled in planetary assaults and orbital drops, allow the unit receives a -1 to its piloting rolls when dropping 'Mechs onto the maps.[11]


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