Trimaldi's Secutors

Trimaldi's Secutors
Formed 2984
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command Liao Reserves


Formation and Third Succession War[edit]

The unit was formed from people recruited from the worlds of Liao and New Florence. The unit saw its first action in 2985 on Genoa. The unit fended off a Davion deep-strike by elements of the 42nd Avalon Hussars. Though the Secutors were unable to stop the 42nd's heavy BattleMechs, the Secutors were able to destroy three Locust recon 'Mechs without damage.[1]

In 2987, the unit conducted a raid against the world of Aosia, which was defended by the 42nd Avalon Hussars. The Hussars managed to damage the Secutors' light 'Mech assets. However, the Secutors' motorized infantry managed to stymie the Hussar defense by overruning the Hussar communication center.[citation needed]

Trimaldi's Secutors took part in the Battle of New Aragon in 3008. They faced elements of the Crucis Lancers and Avalon Hussars.[2]

The unit was dispatched to the world of Thomas, in 3011, with then employed Waco Rangers as support. The unit again defended against the 42nd Avalon Hussars. The Duke of Thomas, Colonel Pavel Ridzik, took command of all Capellan units on planet coordinated Secutors and other units in effective means break the Davion siege of the planet. In the process of pushing the 42nd off planet, the regiment captured an entire lance of Phoenix Hawk medium 'Mechs, for the cost of a Marauder.[3]

Fourth Succession War and Defection[edit]

In the 4th Succession War most of the 1st battalion was destroyed on Zurich, the only company that escaped was later destroyed on Kawich where it took part in Operation RIPOSTE. The 2nd battalion was stationed on Bharat but wasn't engaged in any fights. The 2nd battalion later surrendered on Kawich where it had taken part in Operation Riposte, Battle of Kawich and became part of the 2nd Republican. The 3rd battalion took heavy casualties in the failed defense of New Canton.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Trimaldi's Secutors
Colonel Harrison Trimaldi 3025[4]



Composition History[edit]


Trimaldi's Secutors (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Colonel Harrison Trimaldi
1st Battalion
Major Sarah Rinn
2nd Battalion
Major Arthur Cheng
3rd Battalion
Major Damien Thoirn
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Zurich.[4] Primary BattleMech unit. Consisting of primarily Phoenix Hawk and Spider BattleMechs.[5]

Unit Emblem[edit]

A black spider holding a gold trident against a red field.


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