Black Angus Boys

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Black Angus Boys
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


Formed from elements of the 18th Marik Militia in 3066, they were accused of bank robbery and stood under SAFE watch. In the Magistracy of Canopus, they defended only government sites, not the whole planet, when several companies of the Order of the Faithful attacked. After this debacle they returned to Herotitus. In October 3068 the Black Angus Boys were hired by the Taurian Concordat to assist in the invasion of Marknick, in the wayward Calderon Protectorate. However, the mercenary unit withdrew in the face of an enemy counterattack, claiming they had been hired for "offensive" action only[1].

Back on Herotitus they were hired by the Word of Blake. The unit helped the Blakists to seize control of Kittery. The unit was among the raiders with the 9th Division who crippled all resistance on Royalston, Atlas, and Scituate. In 3070 the Boys provided support for the transfer of Faith III-lambda which assaulted Beid. In late 3070 a lance of the Twentieth Avalon Hussars led by Leftenant David McKinnon had been stranded on the world of Beid by a DropShip malfunction along with a number of walking wounded being repatriated to rear areas of the Suns; they collectively found themselves suddenly in the middle of a Word of Blake raid on Beid launched by a company from the Blakist-employed mercenaries the Black Angus Boys and a detachment from the Word of Blake's Ninth Militia Division, Transfer of Faith III-lambda. The raid was one of a number of attacks and raids launched by Word of Blake units and Blakist-employed militia operating out of Kittery.[2]

The commander of the mercenary forces, Captain Rico Iglesias, expected an easy fight against the Beid planetary militia, who were poorly equipped and not expecting an attack. However, as the mercenaries struck at the city of Newport, they found themselves under attack from a short company of 'Mechs based around McKinnon's lance from the 20th Hussars and a contingent of walking wounded, many piloting already damaged 'Mechs. Fighting in and around Newport, the actions of the hastily assembled short company combined with opportunity sniping from the Beid Militia quickly mowed down the Blakist mercenaries.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Black Angus Boys
Major Angus Black 3067[3]


- The Black Angus Boys avoid direct conflict.

- When backed in to a corner they fight with ferocity.

- The unit's motto belies their primary tactics: "Dishonor Before Death".



Dragoon Ratings[edit]


Dragoon Rating: F



Black Angus Boys (1 Battalion/Regular/Questionable)[3]

- The unit is composed of medium and heavy BattleMechs.[3] - The Boys field a curious mix of Succession War equipment as well as modern designs.[3]



  • In addition to other rules the Black Angus Boys may optionally use the Word of Blake assignment tables when generating units.[4]


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